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anybody tried microcirculation therapy?

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Hi. My aunt has been diagnosed with diabetes type2 yeras ago and is now experiencing tingling sensation and numbness in his both legs at night. I'm looking for any treatment that could help her. I came across this research articles about microcirculation therapy particularly about deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator. Has anybody here tried it? Let me know thanks. It would be a big help
Hi Ebbie, yes i've tried microcirculation therapy using d'oxyva or deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator. a few months ago i started feeling something like pins and needles of sort. i just didn't think much of it, i just stomp my feet. But it got worse so i started looking up online and it happens that my friend's mom is having the same therapy for her diabetes. So i looked it up online and found the different benefits it has. I started off with their free trial and decided to purchase it. Now on my third month and it's been nothing short of awesome! I also like how easy and convenient it is to use. Great customer service help as well! ;) hope this helps you! good day!
Hello rowdybones,happy to hear from you I appreciate it so much. Thank you that is really helpful. I'll look it up now and I'll inform my aunt about it. Hoping everything is well with your health and all. Have a great day!
Hello itsmeebbie, I hope all is well with you. Were you able to try using the d'oxyva therapy? I'm still on it, and I've never felt better with the results!