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Anyone Else Sleep in a Recliner?

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My husband thinks I am crazy but the only way I can get any rest is to sleep in my recliner. I have tried everything. New mattresses, fibro pillows etc. I always wake up in horrible pain.

With the recliner the pain isn't as bad. Just wondered if anyone else does the same.



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My mom sleeps in a recliner and I've been thinking about doing it too.

It doesn't seem to hit any of the pain points and my legs don't flare up with pain like they do in bed.

I think I may have to move out my bed and move in a recliner.



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I have an over-stuffed feather wing back recliner that sleeps like a dream--when I can sleep.

Acesnanna - what kind of bed did the kids get for you? I have been looking.

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One of the things I inherited from my dad was an old Lazy Boy recliner. I love that thing!

I generally only take naps in it; however if I am having a rough night with sleep, I get up and sit in the recliner, usually within 15 minutes I have dozed off.

Sometimes one or both of the dogs decide to join me.



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I love my recliner, and as my back gets worse and worse, I may start sleeping in it. I still sleep in bed, but by morning (if I sleep that long), I ache so badly that I get up, take a Vicodin, turn on the heating pad, and recline until the pain is more bearable.

Don't know how I'd exist w/o it. Hate when we travel because it isn't there. Have rigged something in our 5th wheel, but the hotels don't usually have anything.

I can truly see why you just sleep much easier.

Hope your day is painless, all!
I take all my naps in my recliner and don't know what I would do without it. And it is much easier for me to fall asleep at night in it as well. Often I will go into bed with my husband but then cannot fall asleep. If I get up and go into my recliner, I am usually asleep within the hour. When I wake up during the night, I can then get into bed and sleep the rest of the night in bed with out any problem.

I agre that the pain is much less severe in the recliner. There must be less pressure on certain muscle groups in that position and having the legs bent and back raised is much more comfortable for many of us.

I also have trouble breathing at night, some sleep apnea, and my breathing is much easier in the recliner.



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There is a constant toss up as to who gets there first in the early evening.
I usually win.

We watch all of our shows together (our bonding time) and
then it's off to the bedroom for me to watch my shows while
he takes in a game or two.

After he goes to bed, maybe around ten, I gather up my huggie

cozy pillows and relax on the recliner.

That is when I fall asleep, sometimes that is where I get my best sleep. I was surprised at how many of us actually do this.


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I have been sleeping in my recliner for the past four years now and my husband thinks I'm nuts too.When I saw your message on the board, I thought boy I relate to that, was very surprized that other people do to. That has made my day.

Thank You Caroline


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my recliner couch last winter when my husband had pneumonia and couldn't lay down. After a few nights, I realised that I hurt far less in the morning than when I use the bed. Fortunately, we both have one, so we don't need to fight. Mine has a dog or two and some cats sharing it with me, so I don't even need a heavy blanket.



I apologize for bump an old topic from the dead, just have a few interesting observations from personal experience, maybe someone will need this information in the future.
A recliner as in a sofa bed or futon-type bed, versus a regular bed? When I started out nearly 2 years ago, I pondered on this question for months, even agonized over it, haha! From my past experience, I was never comfortable sleeping in any fold-down type of bed, including sofa beds and futon beds. There was always something wrong, such as the cushion being too hard, un-eveness between the two sides, the usual "hole" in the center. I've experienced all these discomforts over past years from sleeping overnight at various "exes" places, haha! Seriously, I hate all sofa beds and futons! However, there was one time I almost made an exception. I once checked out this high end futon bed that had an extra thick queen size memory foam mattress, and thought to myself, wow, comfy! That futon bed cost way more than the average futon, but it was worth it for the cushy memory foam mattress. Nowadays, I'm so completely spoiled by cushy memory foam that I won't sleep on anything different. My normal bed at home is a queen size bed with a nice memory foam mattress. In my van, I have a super nice iComfort extra cushy memory foam gel mattress resting on a *real* platform bedframe with headboard. The reason I wanted a platform frame is to provide 9 inches of clearance from the van floor so I can place storage containers underneath the bed. Heck, I even have a collapsible 6' ladder underneath the bed! I have multiple pillows of various sizes in my van, all made of cushy memory foam. I thought I was crazy the first time I spent $200 on Temperpedic memory foam pillows! Nowadays, I can't sleep on anything BUT a memory foam pillow, haha! Yes, the obvious downside to a full-time bed setup in my van is that I have noticeably less room in the main cabin area. The bed literally takes up something like 80% of the entire van cabin. This means I don't really have much room left for even adding something simple like a recliner chair or desk. But after months of pondering the pros and cons, I decided I want a full time bed setup so that I don't have to constantly tear down and set up a bed. When I want to sleep, I just plop myself on the bed...ahhhh!! Plus with a full time bed, I'm able to keep my storage containers and other items underneath the bed at all times. Just recently I had modified my wooden platform bed frame by having part of the left side of the bed frame sawed off in an arc shape. This way I'm able to place the left side of the bed frame **over** the left wheel-well (resting on the wheel-well). This means the bed and frame is now around 4 to 5 inches closer to the left van wall (driver side). This also means I now have noticeably more room on the right side of the van, in essense almost creating a "hallway" for me to have more room to walk through and set up other things. I'm pretty sure when I was in my 20s, I was able to sleep on a sofa bed or futon. But now that I'm in my 40s, my back can't take it anymore, haha! :) Just wanted to add my .02 cents in this discussion, because this one item really took a lot of my time.I like to watch YouTube videos of a similar theme when I'm looking for information about the right product. I hope this helps someone in the future. Good luck!
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