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Anyone have problems with laser light shows, disco balls, etc??

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I have had this problem for a long, long time. I just cannot handle rapidly flickering lights. I don't have a seizure or anything, it just makes me nauseous and irritable and I have to close my eyes or I feel like I am going insane!! Strobe lights are the worst!!! I just can't stand them.


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I do have seizures from strobe lights.There are a lot of different kinds of seizures you might talk to your doc.I also have trouble when I am around loud noise I go nuts ,even if the TV gets to a certain level.
Smells all kinds of stuff can set seizures off.


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Yes, lites n noise bothers me too. Sometimes my eyes hurt so bad I can;'t b on the internet long or even read. Different patterns like poka dots bother me n looking thru a screen. Driving when its raining too. Noise?? oh ya, thats another story. Squeaks, whistels loud tv's music send me to the moon


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Thats funny you said dots I also noticed some patterns on carpets like in a mall or office when its repeated it makes me dizzy and sometimes sick to my stomach .I dont think thats related to FM/CFS.But it is with seizures problems


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I don't know, I don't have seizures but do have cfs and patterned floors bother me too. You are probably just getting a double whammy! Also, those stupid wheel rims on cars/trucks that spin....if I look at those while driving I get extremely dizzy, nausia and feel like I'm gonna pass out. I wish those darn things would be illegal!


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YES! Flickering lights - even the shadows of trees on the roadway can make me nauseous. Too much pattern can cause this too. I have FM, CIFDS, and irritable is often just part of me.


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I can't look at strobe lights or flickering lights either. I don't get seizures, but the constant movement just bothers me.

Certain sounds, like some people's voices, bothers me too. Dogs repeatedly barking too. A song can be okay one day, but annoying the next. There's no rhyme or reason to this stuff.

Right now I'm waiting for cataract surgery. I can't see to drive at night - the lights drive me crazy! Hopefully after the surgery I'll be okay.



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Hi: I just wanted to wish you a good outcome with your cataract surgery.

My brother-in-law not even 50 all of a sudden got a cataract, then he got another one in his other eye, he doesn't even wear glasses, so this came out of the blue.

Two months after his surgeries, he was Dx with Diabetes, not the real bad kind, just watch your diet kind, and no alchol, which is killing him.

Then like 2mos later he got Dx with Diverticulosis, this up until this stuff was a guy that never even got colds.

I just find it all pretty weird, anyway I'm sure things will go well for you and I will be thinking about you.

BTW he said it was a breeze the surgery that is.

take good care,



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For as far back as I can recall, strobe lights bothered me intensely. I was only diagnosed with FM in August of 2000.

Years ago I took my children to a Halloween Haunted House, and in part of it they used the strobe lights while the monsters danced around. It made me want to scream and run out of the building. It had nothing to do with Halloween, it was just the intensity and the pulsing of those lights. They were nauseating. I couldn't wait for it to end.



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They all cause me to be dizzy and nauseous. I can't stand being around anything that glitters or flashes without getting sick. I just avoid them the best I can.



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I only went to one club which had strobe lights and I'll never do that again! I instantly got the worst headache of my life. I can't take bright light anyway, but to have it flashed off and on in my eyes was torture.

I was stuck there, too. I had gone with a group of women who were having a fabulous time. I couldn't call my husband to come pick me up because he didn't know we had gone to a special night of male strippers. . . The headache was preferrable to him finding out!