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Anyone here got both MCS and ocular rosacea? rop

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Can I ask what you use to clean your eyes? I am on the lookout for an eye cleanser to clean my rosacea-stricken eyes but I also have pretty bad chemical sensitivity. This is making finding an appropriate cleanser extremely difficult. I cannot use water alone as it doesn't clean my eyes just doesn't cut it and leaves my eyes feeling raw. When my eyes aren't cleaned sufficiently with a non-irritating cleanser each and every day or I try to use just water to clean them they get raw and I get horrendous headaches and the pain in my eyes is so bad! It also makes my fatigue and other symptoms much worse to the point it's unbearable.

I have a cleanser right now but it's discontinued so when my little supply runs out I am stuck... the anxiety alone this is causing is worsening my symptoms.

I cannot use plain oils....they make my eyes sting up horribly as does pretty much anything...

If there is anyone who can help please help. Any advice, ideas are appreciated....

Thanks, Shelbo


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I have both fibromyalgia and ocular rosacea. Ocular rosacea is a subset of rosacea, and my understanding of it is that you have generalized rosacea, as well. Your face may not get red, but you may feel hot in the face.

Rosacea is a vascular problem, and difficulties arise when the blood vessels in the face are inflammed. It doesn't have to rise to the surface and be visible to, in fact, be there. You may feel hot in the face when you are having a flare.

When my eye doctor began noticing my rosacea, my sisters were commenting on how much healthier I looked. My "better" color was, in fact, my rosacea - just getting to the place where it gave me a "healthy glow."

Ocular rosacea, itself, has three subsets: irisits, blepharitis and keratitis. I have blepharitis and keratitis. My eyes burn and are much more sensitive then they used to be in the past. Rite Aid makes "Eye Wipes," that don't hurt my eyes. I can't say if they would be a problem for you, though.