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Anyone know if mushrooms are better than taking pure beta glucan

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and which T.F., has highest IP-6 and SOD amount. They are suppose to help absorb beta glucan better, mushrooms better.

This is for me and my dog ( had cancer surgery)we both need to increase NK cell's w/o overstimulating our immune system.

I'm so confused. The more I read the more confused I get.

The company I get B.G. from say's that it modulates and IP-6 and T.F. stimulate to kill cancer cells, but your body need's a break.

Anyone study these and can you clear some of this up?

Claudia ( I have FM, and other stuff)


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I think other's don't post on it, because they are confused too!

I think it's not something that you "feel" so it's hard to know if it's working.

I just wonder if pure Beta Glucan would be better. But then again muchrooms have other thing's in them as well. That's where it get's confusing.

then there's ALL the T.F., oh my!

I'm just not sure.

I'm also trying to find out which to give my dog. I want both of us to increase our NK cell to respond to foreign invaders in the body, w/o overstimulating the immune system, especially with allergies and so forth.

i wish I knew a researcher and chemist!

best wishes,


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IP-6 is from rice bran, it help's boost immune response, increase natural killer cell activity(NKC).

S.O.D. is an anti-oxidant, it help's produce glutithione in the body.

They use these w/T.F. sometimes for a synergistic effect.

Beta Glucans come from different sources, mushrooms, yeast, they help w/NKC as well. It has been used, as mushrooms, to fight cancer,allergies, boost immune function,etc.

thanks for your response.:)