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Anyone remember me?

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I've been away for over a year, but I'm back!

I've updated my profile, too, so you can pretty much see from there what's new with me.....

I'd LOVE to chat, so please reply!



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and I read about your marriage, looked at your darling daughter, and thought I hadn't seen you in a bit.

Glad you're back. Hope things are going well, and congrats on reaching school age with your daughter. She will do well...and so will you!



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I recognized your user name, too, as well as a couple of others. I just missed getting on here and chatting with everyone and felt like hopping back on here today and saying hello!

When I was here last time (over a year ago), I was engaged.... well, we got married on 7-7-7! So preparing for the wedding, along with the new job I'm doing now, taking care of my daughter, and just basic everyday stuff have all kept me pretty busy, even though I rarely leave the house! LOL

Anyway, thank you for replying, and I'm sure we'll be chatting again soon!



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Although I may have been using a different name back then, I've always signed my posts with Nancy B. Reading my profile might help to ring a bell.

Great to see you back......


Nancy B


Good to hear from you, Starr! I remember your wonderful screen name.

I'm glad you have gotten an accurate diagnosis. That's fantastic!!

I didn't know you were from Oklahoma---whereabouts? I grew up in Edmond and just visited my folks there last month.

Have a wonderful day,



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Sorry I haven't replied yet.... Hubby and I have been sick for the past few days, so I haven't been on the computer hardly at all. I see I have a few more people to reply to!

Linda: Thank you for the compliment on my daughter! She gets a LOT of attention in public with that curly red head of hers! She just started Kindergarten yesterday, and she's so proud! Belated Happy Anniversary to you and your DH!

Fight: I recognized your user name too. HELLO!!! How have you been? All I have been up to is on my profile, plus getting married last month. That's pretty much it!

Jodie: Thanks for the welcome back.... were you here last time? I'm sorry I don't remember your user name, but Hello anyway!

Nancy B: Hi, Nancy! I recognize your real name, but I'm like you when it comes to whether or not you were using that screen name or a different one. I don't remember either.

Erika: Hi! I live about 35-40 miles north of Tulsa, between Tulsa and Bartlesville. I grew up hopping back and forth between those 2 cities, so I know both of them VERY well (mostly Bartlesville). Have you ever heard of Ochelata? It's in between Tulsa and B'ville. That's the TINY little "town" (if you can call it a town!) I live in now. I guess what makes it a town is the fact that they have a post office now! LOL Really, though, it's much more like living in the country than a town. There are people all around us out here who have horses! I'm so jealous! LOL

Karen: Hello, and thank you for the compliment on my name! I can't remember either whether or not we ever chatted before. I will just blame my memory laspses on age. It seems like the day I hit 35, everything just went downhill! lol

Thank you to all of you for posting here! I have to work tonight (I work from 6 PM till 6 AM every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night), so I better get some sleep before my daughter wakes up to get ready for school! She'll be away for about 3 hours, during which I can grab a nap, then I'll be up for the day AND night once she gets home! Just thinking about it makes me tired.... LOL

Take care, All!
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