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anyone tried "SINUS BUSTER" nasal spray for chronic sinusitis?

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I was looking for some info for my husband as he now also has problems with thiss, along with me :-( -- here's some info, I have used pepper based cream for pain, no side effects but it also didn't seem to do much for me. Scary to think about in nose, but I guess it's probably not too concentrated. . . (I hope!)

The person who concocted this did so after being sprayed by pepper spray in a demonstration and finding his nasal/sinusitus problems disappeared. Seems like the spray would be an easier solution? LOL

here's some info:
The SINUS BUSTER is an “all natural” nasal spray carefully formulated from ingredients that are commonly used in food products. There are no additives or preservatives of any kind - no yeast or grains – no steroids – and no weird herbs.

The formula is simple: (Purified Water; Capsicum; Sea Salt; Aloe Vera Gel; Eucalyptus Oil; Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid, and Rosemary Extract). Although the formula is straight forward, the processes used in mixing it are somewhat complicated. There are several methods used in combination that allow this formula to make its magic. Most importantly, after years of experimenting with many varieties of pepper extracts, I found a combination of two distinct Capsicum pepper plant varieties that work like no other. The SINUS BUSTER is formulated to give you all the sinus & migraine busting power of pepper without a lingering burn.

As soon as you use The SINUS BUSTER, you’ll notice it’s like no other nasal spray. Since the active ingredient is capsicum, first time users will experience an exhilarating bite that instantly releases the sinus busting power of the pepper.

This exhilarating bite is not a burn -- this formula is non-caustic and non-addictive. I've actually tested it in my eyes, and it causes only mild discomfort, less than if you got soap in your eyes. Yet when you introduce the capsicum to the blood vessels in your nose, the feeling is quite powerful. In fact, it’s quite similar to the sensation felt when you catch a little whiff of black pepper up your nose while cooking or seasoning your food -- only a bit stronger.

At first, you may even feel as if you might sneeze. This activating bite lasts for only (2-3 seconds), and you’ll feel the formula instantly go to work on your sinus. A person’s sensitivity to the capsicum really depends on the person. Many people who’ve tried this formula feel no bite whatsoever while others are more sensitive. Either way, the effect gives you a feeling of instant relief, and without the medicine after taste associated with most nasal sprays.

NOTE: Once you use The SINUS BUSTER a few times, your sensitivity diminishes significantly until you barely notice the bite. Also Do Not spray in your eyes -- this product is meant for nasal use only! Always check with your doctor before using this or any other medication. The SINUS BUSTER is not recommended for children under 12.

We are so sure that you will find The Sinus Buster works better than any other nasal spray that you have tried we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't find The Sinus Buster to be the most effective nasal spray yet, we will refund your money. Just send the unused portion in the original bottle, back to us within 30 days from date of purchase.

The SINUS BUSTER relieves the congestion, painful swelling, and headaches associated with chronic sinus problems. It's 100% effective on cluster headaches, and (9 out of 10) migraine sufferers who've used our product experience instant relief from migraine headaches. It's also effective on menstrual headaches associated with condition such as Pre Menstrual Syndrome. It also prevents many allergy triggers from affecting your sinus passages without causing the dryness associated with known nasal sprays and allergy medications.

Our capsicum formula actually de-activates the nerve fibers that cause swelling and pain in the sinus cavity. Most importantly, The SINUS BUSTER doesn’t mask your symptoms like other sinus aid products. Instead our spray helps your sinus drain normally. The secret of the all-natural capsicum is that it has the ability to render the natural chemical "Substance P" inactive. "Substance P" is a chemical the human body releases in reaction to triggers such as allergies to food, alcohol, or even the environment.

Once this Substance P is released, it irritates the sensitive nerve fibers running throughout the head and sinus cavity causing painful swelling that leads to congestion and headaches. Because of how it works, capsaicin won't cause rebound headaches like the average migraine medicine or OTC painkiller.

Instead of artificially shrinking the swelling as old fashioned headache medicines do, The Sinus Buster actually extinguishes the cause of the swelling and pain, so when it does wear off, there is little if any "Substance P" left to cause a rebound effect. No other headache remedies can do that.

Within seconds after first using our capsicum based formula, most people experience instant relief, and best of all, it can be used as needed. So it’s perfect for minor sinus and allergy symptoms, but it’s also excellent for severe chronic congestion associated with sinus infections and general head colds. This all-natural formula is non-addictive, and doesn’t have any of the side effects of other known sinus allergy medications.

In order for the capsaicin to do its work, there must be enough solution to cause a split second bite powerful enough to deactivate the nerve fibers and other variables that are causing the congestion and pain. Because the blood vessels inside your nose are so sensitive to capsaicin, only the smallest amount is needed to do the job.

Our formula has so little capsicum that even a good squirt directly in the eye causes only mild discomfort -- similar to getting a mild soap in your eye. But when you introduce that same amount of capsicum into the nasal cavity, the results are astounding. That's why medicating through the nose is the quickest path to relieving a headache.

The nerve fibers running along those blood vessels are the same fibers that cause swelling and pain as a reaction to allergy triggers and other environmental factors. The capsaicin instantly relieves this swelling and pain for up to 12 hours.

Chronic sufferers such as myself may have to use the spray every (4-6) hours, but regardless of your condition -- it works on 99.9% of people. The Sinus Buster relieves many types of headaches including migraines, and it fights sinusitis and allergies like nothing else can. Best of all, The SINUS BUSTER is non-caustic and non-addictive.

Every one of the all-natural ingredients in this formula is designed to a certain job. . . The Aloe Vera Gel soothes and moistens the nasal passages. The Eucalyptus oil helps to carry the pepper farther into the nasal cavity, and has many of its own sinus clearing abilities. The Rosemary Extract is used as a natural food preservative, and it has proven bacterial killing abilities. The Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is also used as a natural preservative, and as an infection-fighting source of Vitamin C. The Sea Salt aids in irrigating the nasal cavity and soothing both dry sinuses and sore throats associated with excessive nasal drainage.

Of course it's the Capsicum that works the real magic by stopping the pain and pressure, and fighting bacteria associated with chronic sinus infections and sinusitis. --------

So, has anyone tried this product?



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Yes, I tried the sinus buster but it caused more
irritation. I like the Xlear nasal wash that is now
in the stores.

You have nothing to lose to try the Sinus Buster-they
refund your money within 30 days if you don't find it
works for you.




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just found your reply, somehow I missed it!

I've tried Xlear, with no help; so maybe I'll give this a whirl, altho lately it has been better. But hubby has been having problems too, so it would be worth a try for one of us!

all the best,


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I've tried snorting Garlic Powder for sinus issues and it helps clear passages and keep them clear.

I grind up one my pills (a portion) into a powder and snort from a folded piece of paper.

At first I've some sneezing and some flow. After about 4 minutes I blow my nose and I'm all clear.

The recent studies show that Sinusitis is caused by Fungus. Garlic is a Anti-Fungal agent.


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This does make sense to me. If we are boiling seafood, which has a lot of pepper/garlic/BayLeaf/salt/herbs in it, it always clears my sinus up for days afterwards.

If I eat boiled seafood it cleans my sinuses up in minutes.
But I never dreamed anyone would put capsium straight into the nostrils. Hummmm that is interesting.

I will order both the 'Sinus Buster' and the 'Metered Dose' too. My husband has problems sometimes with his sinus at work, he might use it even if can't handle it :) I never send anything back. Too much trouble.

Ajme, will give the garlic a try, I use it for everything but my sinuses :) Didn't thnik about it. But will try the fresh garlic, crushed and just 'sniff', maybe it will do the trick that way too. I know it will work just rubbing in on the skin as it will be absorbed into the blood stream.

I always eat garlic if I feel a cold coming on, it will wade it off.

Thanks to both of you for your imput. I learn something new on this board daily!

Shalom, Shirl



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That's an interesting idea about the garlic, altho I have tried grapefruit seed extract spray; and I didn't know you could rub raw garlic on the skin and have it have any effect on the body. . . I think I am going to send for the spray as well and see if it helps one of us.

As you may or may not know I am still doing the marshall protocol, and while I am getting some sinus headaches that are a herx apparently, and some that are not, the one thing that has changed for me is that my nose now runs occasionally.

It has NEVER done that unless I have a full-blown cold, which is rare compared to 24/7/52 wk chronicity of my sinusitus.

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some health food stores carry it, but I had to order mine off the internet. . .

Type Xlear into google, lots of sources come up!

all the best,