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Anyone tried the IV vitamin C, mg, etc. therapies?

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I went to see the "specialist" for CFIDS/FM yesterday and it was interesting. He did suggest the IV Vitamin C and other nutrient rehydration therapy that I've heard about. I am wondering if anyone has tried this and if it has helped.

This doctor is not one I'll stick with long term. I don't agree with most of his theories... he things getting me off antidepressants, pain meds, and all my other "symptom" related medications will be the cure. I know I take a lot of medications, and I hate that I have to. But I know depression is a very real disease and any doctor who thinks you can just go off of them worries me.

I don't know. Frustrating because I've waited so long to see one of the people who say they know and treat this disease and then this happens. I am interested in the IV therapy though. I know I have to somehow boost the immune system.

What kind of doctors have you all had the best luck with? Since I have chronic Ebstein-barr I wonder if I should see and infectious disease doc.. but doubt he'd do much about the pain and fibro issues.

Any ideas?



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hi patty-
i have had iv drips or iv push many times. i think they do help. at least for me. the body is able to absorb nutrients that way, especially if you have GI problems any oral vitamins are probably not really being absorbed by your body.
the IV drip is when the vitamins are put onto a saline bag and then you sit with an IV while it drips. it usually takes about an hr. it doesn't hurt. you just sit there. bring a magazine. i have had it with vit. C, b-12, magnesium, and i beieve b-complex in it. i ahve also had what one dr. called meyers cocktail, it is more concentrated and is very slowly "pushed", that also has glutathione in it. the magnesium in that makes you feel very warm, but also makes your muscles relax.
you may feel tired afterwards, but usually i feel better the next day. i think the drip is easier to tolerate.
try it. talk to the dr. about what is in it first. it may help you. but if you're uncomfortable with it, then don't do it.
good luck


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I've been checking for what seems like forever for someone to repond to this post. I am happy to hear that this treatment was helpful for you. At this point I can't see what it could hurt to try it. I am calling my insurance on monday to see if it covers anything like that. Hopefully more people will provide some input on this.

Thanks again,


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I have had several drips and gotten mixed results. The Meyers actually kept me up at night on the day of the drip even tho you are very sleepy after it. Had several and then stopped due to expense and no real big result. I had Vit c drips (with added nutrients) but I would get worse after them unless I had a low dose. When they tried to increase it I got worse again. I did tis over the winter after pneumonia ad a bad flu and I think it helped give me a boost. I stopped over the summer because I have a beach house and I feel so muchbetterin the summer but I will get them again in the winter. So I wouldgive it a try and watch for symptoms getting worse. As with everything I only tolerated minimal dose. It is usually not covered by insurance, only the office visit the drs often tag on to the drip. I have tried these off and on for years with mixed results but whenver I cannot shake my "fluey" symptoms I get a drip and it seems to give a boost. Hope this helps.


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I have taken the IV drip the last two months. For me it made a world of difference in my energy. After I was finally diagnosed with FMS..I was lucky to find a doctor probably similar to the one you are talking about. (Holisitic). I have never had to take any narcotics. The only prescription drugs I take are Nexium and Vitamin D, plus a hormone therapy from a compounding pharmacy. Other than that I take (2)Aleve, Musinex DM, Ultra Inflamax, and Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium at night. That's it! If your doctor offers Frequency Specific Micro Current do that too. When I was finally diagnosed a year ago I was in horrible pain. I hadn't slept in at least 2 years. I had been to 10 different doctors with infections, chest pains, female problems etc. All the symptoms...of FMS and more. I don't think there is a magic cure but a combination of several things has helped me. Without my doctor I would not have been able to keep the job I have.
I say give them a chance to do their thing as long as they take you off your medications slowly. Just my opinion.


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This is strange that I saw your post. I came on here with the intent of posting and asking if anyone else did IV therapy. I have been seeing an alternative dr. for over two years now. I might add that this dr. was a traditional MD for 15 yrs. I guess initially that gave me more comfort in the journey to the alternative side. I started the IV therapy over 2 years ago and have them faithfully every two weeks. I have FM and I am a teacher in a field that requires an enormous amount of energy. I am a band director. After several surgeries the last one being very serious my fatigue level was getting in the way of me functioning as I had in the past. I had a cervial spine fusion in which I was going to be paralyzed if I didn't have it. I had bone spurs that had grown into the spinal cord and my spinal fluid in my neck was actually totally dammed up and was not reaching the rest of my body. After coming back from that surgery I was never the same. I knew I was going to have to do something and the traditional medicine was not addressing my needs. When I started with this dr. it was turning the tables on everything that I had held to be true. I see you are a nurse so I am sure this is a very hard sell for you. It has taken me some years to come to the belief that I know hold. My muscle therapist I have seen for 12 years is totatlly alternative. I had years of hearing the types of things she did. Now I would consider myself a total believer in the alternative route. I still have a primary care physician and I still have traditional specialists as I have many health problems. However I have grown to think of most prescription drugs as things our bodies were never intended to have. I still take them. Don't get me wrong. However I have elimated some that I didn't think were working in the first place. I still take high blood pressure meds even though I know there are ways to treat that naturally too. I am taking some natural things for anxiety and depression and they are actually working. I have changed my diet drastically over the years and I am of the belief now that if we feed our bodies the right things and eliminate the harmful things we have an enormous power to heal ourselves. I believe God has made us this way. So the question have the IV's helped. The answer to that is definitely yes. I didn't feel a difference for a long long time though. In fact I was told I was supposed to feel heat as the IV was administered and I felt nothing. I was told I was probably so delpleted that that was the reason. I am not sure how many months it took before I actually started feeling heat but I remember how thrilled I was when I did. I would say to take the whole thing slow and if you can't buy into some things right now then don't. You might change overtime as I did. It is scary giving up what we have grown accustomed to. I hope you can find some answers and I hope that whatever you find gives you some improvement. Good luck.



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if you're looking for an infectious disease doc, I wld recommend Joe Brewer at St Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Mo.

He put me on transfer factor to treat a sub-clinical virus...and the fog is beginning to lift already.. and it's only been a week.

He says he has seen 500 patients and 75 percent of them have responded to the transfer factor. (Immune Care 64 is the one he goes with)

Obviously, he belongs to the school of thought that says this disease is a reactivated or subclinical or stealth virus.

My CFS came on after an acute viral infection followed by a couple of completely unnecessary courses of antibiotics...I've had it 10 years.

Anyway, so I obviously fit the bill.

I don't know where u live, but I flew in for my 1st visit, and will do f/ups over the phone. Insurance covered the doctor fee and lab work.

FYI, he also recommended antioxidants for the fatigue. (i had already done this.. and my fatigue cleared up in a couple of months)

He is also a big fan of glutathione. "Raise it any way you can."

Recommends IV glut. Also suggested 800mg of magnesium at nite to help me sleep ... I tried it and it works for me.

Hope this helps.



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and noticed you said you struggled to have a child.

I dont' want to pry.. but hypercoagulation is common in these diseases and I believe it can cause miscarriages (see David Berg's Hemex website).

Dr Brewer also treats this. I didn't have this prob fortunately.

BTW, if this stealth virus theory is new to you, you may want to check out Ken Lassessen's "For What It's Worth" site.

Just google it. Took me a while to come round to the idea that CFS is caused by a virus.. but tthe proof is in the puddign..and the treatments are working for me.

Just wish I had known this earlier.

Be WEll


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Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and many chronic illnesses can leave you prone to oxidative stress (ie too many free radicals). This has been linked to causing cardiac disease and some cancers, so a good thing to treat if you have it.

Vitamin C is relatively safe drug to have IV, which is why it is used in research of oxidative stress. It can also have its levels measured. I think I would be asking to have your vitamin C levels measured before just having a mega IV dose. If you have oxidative stress that has left you with a deficit in vitamin C, A or E then take it orally would be my advice. Unless you have some malabsorption problem then there is no reason you can not boost your own levels by dietary suppliments.

Interestingly I have found treating my husbands oxidative stress led to partial reversal of his sleep apnoea.

Best wishes


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Thanks again for the responses. I am still waiting to find out if my insurance will pay for the IV vit C, etc, therapy. I think I have a good shot due to my gastric bypass and chronic malabsorbtion and dehydration.

Sounds like if they do pay it can't hurt to try.

On a side note, I just my first dose of IM Magnesium. Now, I am a nurse as many of you know, but never, ever have I had or have given such a painful shot! I could only do 1cc in one leg and had to give the other cc in the other leg. Now I can hardly walk. It's gotten better over the last hour but man! Wasn't expecting that at all! All I can say is that it better help :)

I have also made an appt with a chiropractor who treats CFS/FM patients. There is also a massage therapist in his office. He spoke with me on the phone and seemed really nice. I'm looking forward to that. It is in only 2 days. Anyone else see a chiropractor?

Thanks again for all the responses. You guys are great!



Patty, I don't know if this will be any help to you and it's not a personal experience but (stick with me now - lol) the woman who works at the local GNC store said her son was diagnosed with CFS at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor MI. His doctor put him in the hospital with a vitamin C IV drip and some type of induced coma for three weeks. After that he was fine or so she said.

I was at U. of M. also, in fact, that's where I was dxed. I wasn't given a C IV drip but the specialist told me that the best doc for CFS is a "good internal medicine doctor". I have yet to find one but that's what he said. With CFS I think you have to feel your way along trying various things - supplements, meds - but don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing.

Yup, I also see a chiro.

Good luck to you!
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I forgot to add that my insurance pays 80% of every IV. I think a lot of it depends on how the doctor writes the diagnosis. I think he says fibrositis and definitely not fibromyalgia. He mentions fatigue and menopause. Hope this helps. Good luck.



I was going to an alternative MD for a few of months last spring for IV hydrogen peroxide treatments, Ultraviolet Blood irradiation and IV Chelation. The Dr. is wonderful, he tested me for everything and his theory of removing toxins from the body seemed sensible.
I,however felt much worse during and after the treatments, I went twice a week for 2 months. I had to stop going over the summer cuz kids were at home and I just didn't think it helped. Paid for it out of pocket too of course. I'll go back to that Dr, but I don't know if I'll do anymore treatments.
He also gave me the meyers cocktail type vitamin drips along with the H2O2.


My dr prescribed me VITAMIN C IV ( 20 grams weekly) + MULTIVITA IV (200mL weekly). Both have the same effect like Myers Cocktail (same ingredients). Because these medicines can not be find in pharmacies he recommended me pharma supplier from Europe. The best part is that a nurse comes to my place and
she is administering me these iv vitamins. In US is very hard to find something like this...or you find and the prices are exaggerated.
Now I started to feel very well and more energized. You can take a look about their therapies:
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