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I cannot find a bra that I can tolerate--FM and CFS, they all hurt, anyone found something wearable (I am a DD cup, so I do need something, Thanks


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good luck i was trying them on lastnight with no luck i got close. i did find comfortable ones but the lace or the seams all would show throgh my shirt i could not find a seamless one that felt good. they were all the playtex ones on sale at kohls the ones in the box. they were also curved under the arm so they did not dig into your underarm but i got to tired and finally had to come home. i will try them again later. i need to wear one more often also i am now a 40D but if i am in the there is NO BRA usually NO UNDEWEAR they all hurt
I get strapless bras (brand name Cacique) from Lane Bryant. The shoulder straps were always what hurt me the worst on regular bras. The underwires do NOT poke thru if I hand wash and drip dry them, have't had one do it yet and some are over two years old.
The band is often itchy and uncomfortable at times, but fear that anything that is at all supportive will be. And these are VERY supportive, more so than I thought a strapless would ever be. (40 D here).
This is the best solution (although far from perfect) that I've found yet.
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I wear Playtex 18 Hour Bra with Comfort straps. It's the only one I can wear without pain. It is all stretchy,so doesn't bind.Try it,I think you'll like it!
Hugs Shirley


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Frederick's stocks lots of large bras in their stores. They have plain satin ones, and you can buy shoulder strap pads. If you watch you can get them on sale for $20 each, MUCH better quality than anything else I've owned.

They also stock lots of smaller sizes. Vickie's usually has one or maybe two bras in my size, but Frederick's has 5 or 6.
I HATE to wear a bra. But.....if I go out anywhere, like grocery shopping, etc. I know I have to wear one.

I do know that it's very uncomfortable for me and during the winter, depending on what I wear, if I don't have to wear it, then I don't. Like a big sweatshirt, etc.

I am super tender to the touch. I can understand how they hurt, chesca.



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does the trick for me. Not very expensive and launder up rather nice. I also wear a 40DD and they do accomodate the bigger sizes at Walmart. I hate to wear anything tight and against my skin since becoming so ill.

Good Luck!


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that specialized in larger sizes... the best advice I can give is to find one that the wire goes directly under your underarm... the middle piece seperating each cup directly sits on your chest, that you can hook it on the second latch and always bend over and lift your breasts into the bra... the best brands we had were lily and wacoal (Oprah swears by this one)... you may be able to type in "bare necessities" and find the store online or just type in the brand names... Good luck!



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any bra with wire in them forget it for me. mine are the sports bras from walmart but since i have put on wait i thyoght i should try a better one so i was trying the playtex as i said above i did find some but they were not seamless and showed through my shirt so i need to keep lookoing. but that is probably just as well because when i got it home i would probably hate it anyway. my favorite kind is NONE. sometimes just wearing any type of clothing at all hurts. atleast i can wear t shirts, sweat shirts, pants, and my personal favorite that i live in MY PJ'S i can wear them alll big and loose.


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I have yet to find a bra I can tolerate. Haven't worn one for 15 years. I wear cammies -- NO SPANDEX. My problem is not only the shoulder straps. The biggest problem for me is anything that puts ANY pressure on me (especially around my ribs) makes me so sick and nauseated beyond belief! The slightest bit of pressure anywhere on my body causes pain.

I saw a commercial a while back where they showed a "bra", well bra cups with some kind of way to hold them on. (I know I am not explaining this right) I should have ordered one to see. Has anybody seen this, or know what I mean?

In the mean time--I have to let it all hang out. Not a pretty picture




I like the organic cotton bras from Decent Exposures. If you have an allergy to latex there is a special one with different elastic. Plus you can return the bras for a custom fit if something is not right. They will alter them for a nominal fee. The front snap closure is easy to get on an off but I usually bought the over the head one with no clasps.

It also helps to cut the underwire out. If the seam is snipped the underwire can be pulled out with pliers. I prefer no underwire but sometimes couldn't find a style in my size (42C). Bra sizes change with your weight. After I lost 30 pounds I was remeasured and now I'm a 38D.

I suffered with costochrondritis (chest pain) for years. After 5 months on Minocin my chest pain went away about 9 months ago. I tought I had a mycoplasma infection but it turns out that I have Lyme.

I also switched from Armour to compounded T3. I'm on 150 mcg. which is a high dose. I can't swear which of the two treatments made my chest pain go away. One day I think it's the thyroid and the next day I'm certain it's an infection causing the chest pain.

Stacy and Clinton say that getting the right sized bra is essential. Any really good department store or VS will measure you. Most sales ladies have a tape measure in their pocket. Then they'll bring you an armload in your size for you to try on in the fitting room.

To celebrate no more chest pain I bought two new Secret Embrace underwire bras at Victoria Secret. The girls are now up where they belong. Seriously, these bras hoist my boobs up to my chin which is something I thought only a crane and $10K could do.


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I have never found a comfortable bra. EVER. I stopped wearing them 20 years ago. I don't have very large breasts but they are large enough that I should wear a bra but they are just too uncomfortable. I am just careful not to wear anything too sheer. If people can tell that I don't have a bra on and that offends them, too bad! They don't have to live in my body and feel my pain.


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I have one really old chambray shirt that is thin and light and has a pocket over each breast with flaps. Somehow it sits just right and seems to disguise that I have no bra on. I am afraid of washing it as it is old and often the only thing I can bear to put on! I've taken to washing it in the sink to save it!

Sympathy all around, girls.

I spent about a month trying to find panites I could stand. Finally did -- I got a great suggestion on this forum which was to buy them a size or two larger. And don't fall for "all cotton" without checking as some of the cotton they use in the cheap ones feels like sandpaper!

Best to all,


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They have the most comfortable bras. I wear the full coverage one with underwire. I'm a 34dd so I have a problem with my shoulders hurting. this bra is the best for me!


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Just a thought for you young girls with large breast....If there is any way you can tolerate a bra, wear one. I was a teen in the 60's, so of course I wore no bra. I hate bra's, always have and I'll never change, I still don't wear one unless necessary. Only thing is now I'm in my 60's and "Lord those girls have gone South". If you don't want those girls flopping down on your belly when your my age, try your best to support them now.



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They are the best!! They are also inexpensive, I have bought mine from The Shopping Channel and I they are sold on HSN or QVC as well. I also have purchased some on EBay.

I have over a dozen, and that is about all I wear anymore.

Regular bras cause me too much chest pain and you can pull these over your head or up over your feet.

Sue in Ontario


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Thanks for the suggestions, and please, KEEP THEM COMING, I've looked into some of them, and, found there was a Lane Bryant here, so I will try theirs, as to Rhonda Shear, I was very confused by the number of choices, which one worked? and by latch, what do you mean? vertical or horizontal

I guess I'm not the only one who wears "disquising" clothes, I see why people like this web site so much

take call 'all


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I wear the sportsbras by Nike that zip up the front. I like the ones made with the perspiration control fabric, sorry I can not for the life of me think of the name of the material. dd dd dd dd dddddd dah

have a good day best you can~
my thoughts to all whom cope with this dddddddd