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wanted to add.
I am in my comfy clothes, t's and pj bottoms/jammies, all day.
Doing the best I can when I can.

I dread going out the most cuz of the 'bra' scenerio. I had a reduction, all well there, but everything still hurts, my t's I have to wear inside out. geesch, right?



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Ginner, sometimes I wear all of my clothes (what ones I can stand) inside out, my DH doesn't get it, but I just shrug, just ordered two new caftans, hope the seams aren't bad, I thought of reduction, but, I was coming down with this at the time, and figured it wouldn't stop my skin from hurting


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Yeah, Joannla, we could just come in wearing sheets, and the waiting room would look like a toga party!
take care


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I know, inside out.

My reduction went okay, I am happy today that I had it done. It was 2 yrs ago. I couldn't handle the weight on my shoulders and neck any longer. I was still working and decided to go for it. I had many pain meds to help me through and took my cervical collar and asked "every one" I saw that I thought was even mearly involved in my surgery, that I had fms and to please use tlc with my neck especially. They were excellent. I injured my neck in car accident, thus a big part of DD we believe+.

The clothes were my biggest issue during recovery. You come home in a special bra and it drove me crazy crazy. I am so sensitive to so many clothes and fragrances,etc. the dd..

I love my jammies...



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but didn't see any workable solutions for me. With costo always lurking, I can't wear anything anymore. Even the lightweight bra tops or sports bra's still make my ribs scream. I have one oldy but goody from bygone years that was like a sports bra and it has a built in cups in the front but the elastic doesn't extend around. It is the only thing I can stand but it is dark and shows thru or around alot of my tops. I would still love to find more of them but wouldn't you know, I cut the labels off.

I have gone to making my own tops now that are looser and cut so that you can't see anything. No more nice knit tops for me. I have soooooo many clothes that I can't wear anymore. I just bought some knit to make stretch pants and I thouht I would try to make me a bra top like the one I like that doesn't hurt my ribs. Maybe I will look at that "Champion" website too.

Lots of luck ladies. Keep the ideas coming and maybe someday one of us will "luck" onto one that helps and then they can sell it here! hee hee. p


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i wear my gown 5 out of 7 days a week without bra or underwear anyway. if i go out i can not stay long so as soon as i come home off with the armore(sp) and into comfort. i live in my pj's. if i have to go anywhere as soon as i hit the door or sometimes in the car off comes the bra.



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I have been wearing only sports bras for several years. Now that I don't work, I only wear them when I am dressing up to go out to something. I really can't tolerate underwear either unless they are cotton and baggy.


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Luckily, I am pretty small there, so I can get away with not wearing a bra, most of the time. Of course when I go to work, I have to wear one. Just 2 more weeks & I am done with that.

Mostly my attire around the house is T shirts. When I have to run an errand, if it's a darker T shirt, I am ok. Of course I add shorts or pants before going out. LOL

What is it with all the bras now having those underwires?? I just cannot wear those. They hurt way to much for me.

When I do have to wear a bra, it is the playtex collection. The one that is most comfortable is the thank goodness it fits.




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went over there this evening, my husband drove, but finally came in looking for me, how can one bra require so many fittings? it turned out I was a 38, but I go the 40 because I wanted it loose, I would have gotten the 42, but the lady looked at me like I was crazy and said the thing wouldn't stay on, well, it had all these sticky things, I thought that was what they were for, they had two styles of the strapless, one was so complicated, I couldn't get it on, it's "patent pending" (I think it was bra 6) and it had an interchangeable back. I wasn't having a particularily good day, but my distinct impression is that the back can be replaced with clear vinyl, now wouldn't that feel great. The back hooked at two spots towards the sides of the back, so there was a lot of adjustment. I just got the basic one.

I went on the champion web site, but the bras are not for large breasted.

thanks again for all your help, just knowing I'm not the only one who can't tolerate clothing helps (and I went thro the whole gamut, cotton, t-back, etc.) I am hoping this strapless is the answer.

This is my first time on a web site--does this qualify for a thread lol


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I've been sick over 21 years, and have had costo-chondritis for 19 of those years, so I understand. I also was a 1960's hippie, and did not wear a bra for about ten years back then.

Now it hurts worse if I don't wear one. Once you can't pass the "pencil test" anymore, going without support will make the costo-chondritis much worse, IME.

I used to wear sports bras, but now have too much trouble getting them on and off due to arthritis and bursitis. Besides, I've found one and only one line of bras that for me, is actually much more comfortable than sports bras.

The only bras I can wear are Playtex Secrets. I get them online, since my MCS is so severe that I can't shop in stores.

I found if I get one with the wide straps and order the size I should wear according to their online sizing chart (40DD), instead of the size I've always thought I should wear (38D), then I am so comfortable that I don't even know I am wearing a bra! I can even wear their underwires!



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It's the seamless Leisure Bra.

I go up a size, I am D cup and wear the XL. (She says she takes a medium?????).



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The best selection of them I have seen is at

They have lots of ones for larger busted women as well.


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Another great poll; with many options to try; but because of the costco cannot put any pressue on muscles between ribs and in front cause spasms and pain within sometimes a few minutes. So use camisoles mostly; but am looking for those with more coverage in the cup area. Fortunately, am not large busted; or maybe it is because my breasts rest on the upper abdomen ( a little weight loss is on the menu ). Can't even wear the camisoles with built in bras. Don't know if this helps you, but the camisoles work for me. If anyone has found them with more cup coverage without that pressure band under the breasts that could possibly help us both. Take care.


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This is a great topic, thanks for asking. I haven't been able to wear underwires for that I've been diagnosed I know why.
Anyway, I finally found a great bra at REI. It's called Moving Comfort.
Great support and comfort.


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I'm not small on top but I finally had it with bra's. Lane Bryant doesn't make the only kind that were ever comfortable on me anymore & the ones I had were so old they were rags.

I wear camisoles from Sears. They're called Meant To Be Seen; they wear kinda loose so they're not tight and binding around me but the stretchy spandex in them is enough to keep me from "bouncing about". And even better then run big so even though I take a 3x shirt I only need to buy a Large in this and I keep a couple XL's for weekends or any day when I want to feel even more relaxed.

Maybe it comes with age - they don't look as nice as I might in a fitted perfect bra but I just don't care about that or what people think anymore; it's just not worth the effort for something so minor.......I'd rather be comfortable.
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Ohmigosh! I can't believe other people are just like me!! Thanks so much, you guys!

I found a good site this summer: They have an amazing selection of bras & underwear; Oprah recommended them on her show. One bra on there is recommended as comfortable for large-breasted women--but I don't have big boobs, so I can't make any promises. The only thing I've had any luck with at all in that department is Rhonda Shear Shapewear. (Thanks for the tip, klutzo, about the costochondritis--I have that too and never made the connection with the bras & the pain! Duh!)

But I did have luck on with the underwear. You can see the shape of it in the pix online (and see where the elastic falls). I picked the Bali Lacy Skamp Hikini Panties (they sound a whole lot more exciting than they are). The legs are cut hi--almost to the waist--with very weak elastic, so there's none of that pinching. Then, the elastic around the waist is a very wide lacy band that feels like nothing at all. If I have to...well, they're just fine.

That's my $0.02 worth. Hope it helps.

best to you all!

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I too have Chronic Bra Pain. I finally found one that works for me. Sold at J.C.Penney the Ambrielle Essentials T-Shirt Bra. Its the most comfortable fit I have found. Watch for sales: 2for $15. I hand wash and dry to extend life of bra and no shrinkage. The catalog has them in extended sizes also.


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After a few hours of wearing a regular underwire bra I am ready to scream. So I discovered the 2 bra theory! Available at Kohls are Bare essentials or bare something barely there??? They are stretchy, and not all that supportive so I wear 2 at the same time. It has made a world of difference. They are 12.00 and I got them on sale for 7.. No tags and very flexible for this 34 dd. Good luck ladies!

ps...I can't stand sox, underware or tight anything. Thank you so much for this post...I thougt I was the only one.



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I found Wacoal and they fit great! My last bras had underwires in them and I pulled them out. When I got the Wacoal they fit fine. Even though they have underwires they don't hurt like the other bras did! One important thing is to get the right size! I had someone from the Lingerie Dept. fit me and that's how I got the right size.

When I come home I take off all my clothes (except panties) and put on pajama bottoms and a Curves t-shirt. The material is sooo comfortable and soothing. I never wear clothes in the house unless I have company coming over. The least clothes on, the more comfortable I am! It's interesting to see that others are the same way!!!!