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Victoria Secret has a wonderful comfortable bra with no underwires.

If you need a special size, there is a store that my SIL used that carried special sizes. I will try to find the name.


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extra wide straps to balance the weight of big breasts without digging broad back strap/4 clasps no wires and very breathable. i am a42 DD and these finally made me look pretty good again and help prevent the no-bra baxkache!!!!!! walmart carries them. the are about $24 but last a long time mine are 4 years old and still look and feel good. 5 stars! just my size really understands being bigger busted and the issues that go with it.


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I told My Dr about that it hurts to wear a bra. He said thta's common. I thought I was nuts.

I take my new sports br's and stretch them bigger so they jsut fit and they arent tight.
I can not stand anything tight...Or labels in cloths for that matter.


It's the first thing that goes off the minutes of getting home from work.

I don't like wearing anything with padding, because a) I don't need it! and b) too hot. But if I don't, I have 'headlights'. I got some silicone 'covers' from Amazon and wear them inside my t-shirt bras so I don't have to worry about show-through. The last time I was at Wal-Mart, the lingerie section had some similar things that are supposed to be 'stickable' for up to 6 uses (the silicone ones are up to 100).

T-backs are the most comfortable for me, and I'm wearing my favorites right into the dust! Underwires that are comfortable are really hard to find. I showed my husband what happens to my arm when an underwire pokes through, and he said they were 'barbaric'.


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I had a double mastectomy, but still wear a bra with protheses.

One thing I have found to be helpful is to get those bra extenders you may have used during pregnancies... $1.50 each.....when I can't stand the pressure on my scars because of fibro pain, or a bout of shingles, these help a lot! Diane
I was having this conversation with a friend fm'er. I have no, how shall I say we're talking silver dollar pancakes with a semi-sweet chocolate bit in the middle...she on the other hands is much more, shall I say, Gifted. She wears a lot of the lined camis, I try to avoid lined camies and bikini tops at all costs.

Within an few minutes of having one on, my pain tripples.


Hey, maybe THAT is the conspiriousy theroy...The Feminists have created this disease (FM) to ensure we who would, can no longer wear bras!

so I read most of the post, and went and bought a sport bra at walmarts.
and just about choked myself trying to get it over my head and on, tell me whats the secret to getting these on.
my arms won"t let me reach up behind me to get them on.
thanks sixtyslady


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I agree with the sports bras, I have a champion that has lasted years and is still incredibly comfortable.

Check out the tank shirts with built in bra top - these are a lifesaver and look great with layers. Also comfortable under sweatshirts, etc. when fall/winter arrive. I am 40DD so you need to look to find one that will support you best. Actually Meijer stores have a simple pleasures pajama tank shirt that I wear under my clothes often. If you can find tanks with wider straps (Walmart had some this spring, check their exercise area) that helps as well. Big thing for me is the fabric. I always look for as a high a level of cotton as I can get.

Loved an underwire from Lane Bryant (expensive but was comfortable) that again was almost all cotton. Currently wearing a fruit of the loom cotton underwire bra from Walmart - I was surprised to find it and that it was so comfortable. Might want to buy a little bit bigger size - I did because I prefer to wash and dry my bras. When I dry my bras I can add two fabric softner sheets to keep them nice and soft. When first putting bra on, I "squeeze" the underwire or adjust it until it is comfortable. For the price of the bra from walmart, if they only last 6 months because of drying them and adjusting the wire, it was still worth the money!

Hope this helps! Blessings to all :)


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I can not waer a bra, because of the pain, but I thought this was caused from my Osteoarthritis. I had no idea it was the fibromyalgia.

I wear a cammie with a built in bra which is alot less constricting than a bra is.

Thanks or enlightening me.


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at walmart made by queen latiffa. it has snapps but doesn't seem to bother me. it is like a combanation regular bra/ sports bra. queen latiffa is an actress and she is a good size woman.

i had spent so much money on trying to find a bra that felt comfortable now i have a whole drawer full of bras alone i can't tollerate. this latiffa bra is the only one i wear and i will deffinatly buy more.

wishing you a great day


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for those of us who are, uh, much smaller, the Victoria Secret bralette is awesome. light as a feather with VERY thing light straps.


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#1 is to call your department stores and ask for manager. Be certain that they have someone trained in measuring for bras and get their hours on shift. I cannot stand for this to be done, so I ask clerk to go into fitting room with me so that I can sit. My worst pain site is my chest, including full breasts. I find that Bali underwear bras provide a binding that reduces the breast pain. Be sure to try them on. Good luck!


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I am so happy it's not just me I walk in the door and off comes my bra not a pretty sight but at home i don't care
I am going to try the playtex and the sports bra as suggested
edited to say forget the under wire it hurts so bad [This Message was Edited on 08/25/2007]
Those cups that just stick to your skin without straps are called a "Nubra". I have a "Nubra Ultralite" but haven't worn it yet.

I wonder if anyone would find a Spanx bra to be comfortable. They have no binding edges. They weren't supportive enough for me, but they sure are comfortable. They are made out of nylon, though, which can be sweaty in hot weather.

One note of caution, which is probably too late for most of us old-timers. If you wear a sports bra, get one with actual cups and not one that "squashes" the girls. Those squashing ones lead to sagging over time.

I take my bra off first thing when I get home too. It looks like National Geographic around my house.



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your post just made my day it was so funny. when i am at home i never wear a bra either. i know i should to big not to but i guess it looks like national geo here to. lol. that is a good one. can't wait to tell hubbt that one.



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that sounds awesome, will have to try that!

also (being smallish) in the summer I am all about tank tops with built in cups =)
most of my sports bras are uncomfortable, huh.


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only a few years ago. I've had a generally bra free life. Now it's irritating to have a bra, and to not have a bra. I'm teaching my 10 yo (I can't believe it either) that now that she is growing she must wear a bra. "It's not nice to point, dear." I know that some people think less of me for not wearing a bra. If I could just lose 50 pounds there would be no problem. I could get by with a few band aids.

There are seamless undies and bras. Read the sizes and then go up two sizes for the undies.


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Well there is a Swedish brand with organic cotton bras and the good thing is their sport bras are very nice and soft. I love cotton and don't like synthetic material well if you are into cottons and organic cottons here is their name: b-light