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extra wide straps to balance the weight of big breasts without digging broad back strap/4 clasps no wires and very breathable. i am a42 DD and these finally made me look pretty good again and help prevent the no-bra baxkache!!!!!! walmart carries them. the are about $24 but last a long time mine are 4 years old and still look and feel good. 5 stars! just my size really understands being bigger busted and the issues that go with it.
Not trying to be funny but if you can get into a JMS 42DD bra then you’re way smaller than me. How about trying to find something comfortable to wear without paying $60 for it? I got these things through hereditary means. But n, I can’t stand wearing any bra and I haven’t bought one in a long time. Most of my time is spent at home so I put on a big shirt and cover my girls. I just can’t deal with that pain across my back and holding me up to attention. Too much!