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Apple Pectin?

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Hi everyone,

I know that some of you take apple pectin supplements. I think it's great.

What I didn't know was that my DH was taking my supps, too!

Now we are running very low.

Is anyone else having trouble finding apple pectin supps? I checked the store here at PH -- No matches.

We've tried local supps stores; my DH has one near his office. He called; they're out! They "may" get some in on Thursday.

Any advice? (If we order out of state, we have to remember to add that to our income taxes, state and local.)

I cannot understand why stores are not stocking this supp any more! My local grocery store stocks coconut oil capsules, and oil of oregano capsules. Which I would say are not part of the mainstream supps.

Thanks for any tips -- besides eating regular apples. My teeth are so fragile, after all the dental work I had done - I've sorta given up on corn on the cob, apples, etc.

Appreciate y'all reading this, and replying.



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The only place I've ever been able to find it is online. I use Vitacost site for most everything.

I buy the Vitacost brand apple pectin capsules.

It's $5.59 per bottle, 500 mg. per capsule, 100 capsules per bottle, serving size 1 capsule.

When you buy $25 or more of the Vitacost brand products, the shipping is free. Otherwise $5 shipping. I always buy enough to get free shipping.

P.S. I just noticed this - there is Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) in it too - 10 mg./17% daily value.

Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), rice flour and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

Free Of:
Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, gluten, titanium dioxide.

There are other brands of apple pectin on Vitacost, too.

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Thanks Patti!

We used to buy the NOW brand.

I'm just so "angry" at hubby, for not telling me he raided my supply! (He'd taken one or two capsules in the past, said NO MORE, they're too strong. Now he adds them to his daily supps, takes 1 a day.)

We may end up ordering online. I wonder why it's not being carried locally anymore? That's so strange.

Thanks for your input.

Hugs, Diane


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Hi, Patti, and all reading ...

I found some apple pectin supplements, locally! Woo Hoo!!

Kevin called a place near his office, they'll have the supp in stock on Thurs or Fri. I called today, "we don't have any, yet, and don't know when."

I called another supplement/health food store; we go there about every 3 months or so. They have 3 bottles on their shelves. They are holding them for Kevin for pick-up tomorrow. It's not the brand we usually buy, but the only ingredient is 100% apple pectin.

Whew! I never thought it would be this difficult, to restock MY supply. And it's one of the best supps that's ever been recommended to me, courtesy of you, PATTI! :)

I'm making a grocery list for the health food store. I need some other supps that I've slacked off a bit. Plus they have great millet/flax bagels, bread, pizza crusts (gluten free).

Wish us luck with our shopping trip!!