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Are nightshades causing you pain????

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A little while ago I decided to track on my app the foods I was eating and seeing if there were things that were possibly causing me some issues in regards to pain. Well! I learned a lot...

Firstly, nightshade veg can cause people with arthritis flare well as people with FM/CFS.

Which veg are nightshades?

-eggplant (aubergine)

For me, I found that I could eat the above...except tinned tomatoes. If I have those, within 2 hours I am in a flare up....for DAYS.

Well worth having a look into folks...because it could be as simple as stuff you have in your salad that could be causing you unnecessary pain!!!

With the ProHealth app (Coming out soon) you will be able to track things like this and see your patterns.

Just thought I would share this all with you! :)

Be well.