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Are Opioids a Mistake in Fibromyaglia and ME/CFS?

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A recent study came out suggesting that while opioids are commonly used in FM that they're not particularly effective. (On the other hand many people of opioids probably don't have many better options).

Check out the blog asking whether opioids are effective in these disorders

and then if you've taken opioids in the past please take the poll at the bottom of the blog and say how you did.


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In my experience over the last three years which I have worked part time again I have found that the many people who have been prescribed opiates are because of their work or their insurer trying to hurry things up. Drugs such as these are used to ensure people keep earning money.


In my case, Morphine and Vicodin got me through the worst of my bedridden days when my FMS got so bad. As soon as I could try other treatments, like Guaifenesin, I got off the opiods. We are all different. I think some of us have to have them and others, like me, have found alternative ways to treat pain.

I no longer have symptoms of FMS (nor arthritis, Sjogrens, hypothyroidism, or CFIDS/ME) following my year-long treatment of peptide injections. I was given 60 Percoset for my recent shoulder surgery and only took 4 before switching to ibuprophen for the inflammation.

I think both opiods and OTC pain meds, as well as alternative treatments, have their place in treating our conditions.

Love, Mikie


I think they are. Lyrica has been a great drug that has helped me manage my fibromyalgia. I must admit that I have a lot more problems than that but it really has made s difference. I was addicted to vicoden for years taking over ten pills a day to deal with problems in my arms. My doctor finally found yhsnt when my ex-husband tried to strangle Mr my nerves got pinched between the busted vertibrea. After un successful surgery, I was put on fentynol patches. I still hurt until they also diagnosed the fibromyalgia and put me on the lyrics. I have felt better until recently until my hubby asked for divorce. I am devasted. I can't survive on my social security. I will also end up losing all my cats (over30). I am 53 and don't see Mr getting much older. How does everyone deal with a the emotional pain?


Why do you have 30 cats? Don't take that as a question to become defensive. I am a breeder and I have some dogs:) too.

I understand the devastation, you speak of. I've been pretty much trapped in the same type of scenario in my life, but your devastation should have begun, in my poor humble opinion, when your strangulation occurred, and created all this pain. The divorce should have been filed by you not necessarily then or when but you should have been the initiator.You would have felt better, empowered, not beaten and robbed. We women take to much, to long. Love to hard, to wrong, and choice poorly. I know. I am one of them. But the person we should love the most, who will see us out of the most difficult of situations and carry us through to safety, love us back in return, never abandon us, is number one Jehovah God, and number two, ourselves. We are much more capable of taking care of ourselves, improvising, finding ways out of no ways than any man God created. We just have to love OURSELVES, at least as much as we love someone else. We never love someone else more. I am sorry, do I sound harsh, or preachy? I don't mean to. I just lived sooo long in the pain where it feels to me like you are, until it actually makes me hurt. When you live there so long it takes a lifetime to get out and stay. Someone once asked me what happens when you clean a dirty window? You can see out right? Well, that's how things look when you lose hope.
You can see beyond your pain, and suffering and everything gets out whack, your fibro, your fibro fog, your psych.

You cannot let the action of another human made of flesh and blood with imperfections and flaws just like you contribute to you loosing hope. Pray. Kneel. Cry. Search. Whatever you need to do to find your hope. Seek counseling, do something, because ultimately doing nothing is doing something and its is not positive. Please don't listen to your heart, it is treacherous, it wants what it wants no matter what it has to do or sacrifice to get it, and that sacrifice maybe your control of your life. Listen to your mind and control and guide your heart with what you learn, find, and know to be right.

Happy looking take care of those babies. Don't sacrifice them they need you. Who else is going to love them like you.
You have to find a way, make a way, pray for a way.



No one could use this more than I could! I have been on Ambien for 5 years. I have a closet full of stuff I don't remember ordering online. I cook whole meals at night and don't remember a thing. I have tried weaning off, but my insomnia is so bad, I get sick from sleep deprivation. Herbals don't work at all, and I have tried all natural, meditation, sleep tapes, homeopathic and every other thing known to mankind. I'm a slave to this damn drug and I hate it! I am hoping that the clinic in Atlanta can help me when we move next month.