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Are Your Pains In Specific Areas??

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I know we're all different, but I'm trying to figure out if I have something more than fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue. I have all the familiar types of pain but it seems to be more dominant in the neck, shoulders, and back area..

Also the other types of pains seem to travel thru my body. It's hard to describe because there are so many different types of pain ranging from dull aches to stabbing pain.

For instance, I mentioned on another post how the chiropractor adjusted me and I went home with a pinched nerve in my neck that wasn't there when I went in to see him.

Well I went back today in hopes to get that straightened out, and now my right knee feels like an ice pick has stabbed it. I'm limping around and I'm wondering did it have anything to do with the chiro's adjustment today..

So I'm wondering do ya'll have strange wierd pains or are all of your pains in specific areas? I'm just trying to figure out my body and this strange disease....


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Pain in my back, hips, legs, left knee,feet, one hand. Sharp shooting anywere and everywere.

Chest pains sometimes, mainly on the left side[not my heart].

My feet burn and my mind is foggy.

The pain can come on at any time with different intensity.

I have had certain pains go on for years then suddenly they are gone and I am on to something new, no let up, but lots of variety.

It sounds like we share a lot of the same symtoms.
Cheers from Denamay


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Thanks for replying.. Sounds like we're in the same boat...I don't know why my neck, back, & shoulders hurts more, but there's other places that aren't far behind..


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Yes, I have pain in neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back, hips, ankles, knees, shins, elbows.......

I did see a chiro a few years back and he took xrays and said my neck is the reverse of what it should be. I never went back for adjustments because I hear so many stories on how they will say anything to get business. Now I am thinking of going to see him again.

This disease sucks, (pardon my language!), I am just so frustrated.



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I've never been told that by a doctor but I'm pretty sure you have hit the nail on the head...I just don't know or trust anybody to massage me unless I can find somebody in the medical field that does that...

I'm careful because there are a lot of people with the wrong motives out there in the field of massaging....

I've even thought about trying an accupuncturist, but the one I called wanted $160.00 for first visit and $80.00 for each visit after that...But thank you very much for taking the time to give me the info I needed.


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I have really bad pain in my back. It feels strained and locked up most all the time. I also have this horrible pain in my right shoulder blade that will not go away for nothing. Everything hurts actually, but these are the worst.



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my pains are in my arms,shoulders,back and neck they are the ones that are there most of the time.
When my pain is on the move it can be anywhere, that is when i am flaring though.