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Articles About Severe CFS and What We Go Through

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Oh good, I'll go watch it on Youtube for free, thanks.

I know what you mean about driving. My reaction time is so slow because of CFS brain fog, I can't do highways anymore since going bedridden, and can only drive slowly on side streets close to home, super careful on high alert so as not to go through that red light. I used to love to drive, including long solo road trips. I love to drive so much that I would be a taxi driver if it was safe which it isn't, or even a long-haul trucker, which of course I don't have the strength or skills to do, but would just love driving and being alone.

After years of tired but wired no sleep (in between sleeping too much), just about a year ago I got a mild tranquilizer from doc that I call my sleeping pill because it helps me sleep. It's so mild it doesn't tranquilize me much, but puts me to sleep. It's called Hydroxyzine, and is the same class as Benadryl which is known for being calming and a sleep inducer. If my clinic doc ever leaves and I can't get the hydroxyzine, I'll try the benadryl for sleep.

A couple of days ago I was wired from over-exerting after shopping and couldn't sleep. So I took a hydroxyzine and it relaxed me enough to eventually sleep. Hydroxyzine is non-addictive, so doc gives it to me freely. It has been a big help.

I'm a day sleeper and awake all night, which makes it a strain to get to appointments and shopping. I had to give up trying to be a night-sleeper, just can't do it.

I very rarely get the ten hours straight sleep that I need to feel better, only happens a few times a year. I sleep in dribs and drabs a few hours at a time, waking up to potty and eat and net surf while eating, then back to sleep a few hours. Up all night, then naps throughout the day. Sometimes a nap at night.

I only know for sure about sleeplessness as it relates to Bipolar/Depressive Disorder, which I also have.

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I think I used the wrong name for one of those documentaries: I should have said The Forgotten Plague. So, I bought Unrest and watched it yesterday; very sad and hard to watch, so many bright lovely young people losing their lives, stuck in bed with this illness. However, I think this film will be great at raising more public awareness and hopefully that will put pressure on the medical system. And on politicians. The level of research funding for this illness is abysmal; food allergies get over 36 million/year and CFS gets 5 million. Disgraceful!!!!