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asking about this tf combo???

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I just got my TF 100 (which , I believe is the former name, TF C...and I also got the TF Mycoplus...Well, my usual TF I could not get from tonight...I jumped in and took one of each! I also take on a regualr basis the TF Essentials...but NEED something more now! Hope you can give me your advice. I really feel that I need to switch to Imm. the advice sounds so much better. To do the #2 and Myco TF together??? ...mmm. Help.


But to save money I do them on different days. I alternate days and take the weekend off. Someone else takes one for three days and then the next one. I am usually switching them up since the TFs work better when the immune system is kept guessing.

At times (since I have been on them quite awhile) I will take a whole week off. Mikie can go 6 weeks and then just the TF a few days.

I think that Rich Carson takes them together. Well, he takes the TF 100 Blend but they are pretty close. Pat at Chis. Lab said the #2 was for CFS.