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Astounding Vaccine Safety Interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr from Docu-series "Vaccines Revealed"

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Here is a summary of a part of what Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a very intelligent attorney with an interest in environmental toxins who has studied vaccines, shared during Episode 3 of "Vaccines Revealed" an amazing 9-part docu-series which is playing online for free from January 10-18:

Although there was this insistence that there were no studies linking thimerosal (which contains ethyl mercury) in vaccines to neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly autism, there are many studies that do link them. There are hundreds of studies showing that thimerosal is destructive to brain tissue and caused other human illnesses.

Many of the people who are making decisions over vaccine policy are making huge personal profit on it and this is a conflict of interest.
The vaccine schedule started to change a lot in 1989. This is because in 1986 Congress passed a vaccine act which went into effect in 1987.

That vaccine act gave blanket immunity to the vaccine industry from any kind of liability no matter how serious the injury is.
The vaccine act also allows the vaccine industry to avoid any kind of legal discovery (depositions, document searches,etc). The vaccine court was set up to compensate vaccine injured people but they require you to prove it. The vaccine court does not allow any kind of discovery either which can make proving your injury very difficult.

Congress also made it very easy to bring vaccines to the market.
Vaccine companies do not do the same kind of studies on vaccines that are required on pharmaceuticals.
The profit margin is huge, there is no liability, the government requires that 100 million people purchase the vaccines in order to attend school, there are no advertising costs, no marketing costs and NO CONSEQUENCES to injuring anyone.

There was a rush to increase the vaccine schedule after the vaccine act.
Typical mercury exposure went from 70 mcg to 237 mcg before age 2.
In 1989 we started seeing much more autism, ADHD, speech delays, tics, Tourette's syndrome, seizure disorders, narcolepsy, food allergies, asthma and anaphylaxsis.

Mercury is also found in sources like dental amalgams, fish, coal burning power plants, etc.
Everyone knows that mercury in fish is bad for you, yet doctors are injecting it into newborns and children.
Autism is an epidemic which shows that it is from environmental toxins.
What environmental toxin was everyone in the US (except the unvaccinated population such as the Amish) being exposed to starting in 1989? Mercury.

Vaccines are a 30 Billion dollar industry. Adding one vaccine to the schedule means One Billion dollars in annual profit for the industry with NO LIABILITY . That is an enormous incentive to add vaccines. There is no other pharmaceutical drug that can give you those returns with no liability.

A man named Paggiaro once conducted a study showing that mercury from vaccines (ethyl mercury) disappeared from the blood in 1 week and methyl mercury from fish remained in the blood for 54 days. He claimed that this showed that mercury from vaccines was less dangerous and was excreted quickly. BUT, he actually failed to show where the mercury was going when it left the bloodstream. There is no scientific study showing that the ethyl mercury is excreted.

A man named Thomas Burbacker conducted studies using ethyl and methyl mercury. He found that the ethyl mercury from vaccines disappeared from the bloodstream almost immediately because it was CROSSING THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER AND GOING DIRECTLY TO THE BRAIN.

An italian scientist named Tosi, showed that ethyl mercury is 50X as toxic and 2X as persistent as methyl mercury.

RFK Jr said, "One of the features of this issue is that most people don't read the science. You hear this absolute insistence by both government agencies, medical doctors and the press that the science has exonerated mercury from any involvement with autism or any of these neurodevelopmental disorders that we are seeing now as epidemic in american children, but when you ask them 'what study are you talking about?', I have never, literally never had anybody be able to name me a study that they had read."

To watch the remaining episodes, you can sign up here. Each episode is only available for 24 hours:


Hi, Nanie,

Thanks for posting this. Another aspect of vaccinations is the multiple-disease aspect of the shots the kids today get, such as the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine. My daughter found a doc who gave these shots independently. There is a theory that vaccinating against more than one illness at a time damages the developing immune system.

Dr. Garth Nicolson has done a lot of research into contaminated vaccines' being the cause of Gulf War Illness during the first Gulf War. Contamination of all vaccines is suspected for causing various conditions.

Again, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Love, Mikie


Hi Mikie,

You are welcome and you are right about the multiple vaccines given at one time. That was mentioned many times in the docu-series, "Vaccines Revealed".

Kids are dying and many are developing autoimmune diseases, asthma, allergies and more because of the immune reactions to all the foreign ingredients.

They said that some doctors are giving as many as 12 vaccines at once if they see that a child is behind on the schedule of vaccines. Imagine what that could do to one's immune system, not to mention the toxins and heavy metals that go to the brain.

There has never been a study conducted of today's vaccine schedule with fully vaccinated kids vs unvaccinated kids.....never.

Gulf War Syndrome was discussed in episode 6. The anthrax vaccine is associated with that. They said 35,000 soldiers died from adverse effects of the anthrax vaccine which is far more than died in Iraq or Afghanistan.

It is all so sad and extremely frustrating that families are being lied to about vaccine safety.


Wow, I wish I had watched the whole series. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of a project here and I'm recovering from a bad head cold. I'm sure I'll be able to catch this in its entirety. Sounds as though it was very thorough. The contamination in question in the military vaccines is a man-made mycoplasma weaponized with a virus. It was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my CFIDS/ME at the time the troops were being vaccinated. I lived next to a military facility.

I was never given a long enough course of ABX to rid my body of the infection. I was never the same and I suffered crippled legs for months. It never occurred to me to have my doc find the strain of the bacterium which had caused my problems. You may remember that, 11 years after the fact, my doc started me on a 2 1/2 year regimen of ABX. Mycoplasmas are like Lyme in that the bacteria can got latent in the body, depositing cysts deep in its tissues only to reactivate if one gets run down.

No one knows for sure whether the contamination was a mistake or an experiment on our troops. I never realized how many troops died of effects of the anthrax vaccine. That is staggering! Again, thank you soooo much for this vital info.

Love, Mikie