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Atlas Profilax Worked / is Working Very Well for Me

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Hi All,

I received an Atlas Profilax treatment this past Monday (only 6 days ago), and am writing to give you an overview of this procedure and share with you some of the benefits I've experienced so far. My intent with this post is give as clear a description as possible of the Atlas Profilax technique. I'm hoping this will help you in evaluating whether this is something for you to seriously consider doing for yourself.

This is a long post. For those who have difficulty reading something this long, you may want to consider printing it out. I've broken it down into sections so that you can more easily navigate some of this information. This should allow you to focus on and review areas that are of particular interest to you.

The sections I've created are:

I. Brief Description of Atlas Profilax (from a Practitioner Website)
II. Description of Tool and How It's Used in the Treatment
III. Narrative on Some of the Benefits I've Noticed
IV. Various Reactions to Anticipate
IV. Summation

On 2/3/08, I posted another Atlas Profilax thread entitled <a href="">Cranial Nerves - Vagus Nerve - Digestion - Atlas Profilax</a>.

Regards, Wayne

I. Brief Description of Atlas Profilax (from a Practitioner Website)

According to Gray's Anatomy, on average, an adult human has 206 bones. The central support system for the body is the spine. The spine is made up of 26 linked bones called vertebrae. At the very top of the spine is the first cervical vertebra called the Atlas. The Atlas carries the head and is responsible for the proper alignment of the entire spinal cord and skeletal system.

Between 1993 and 1996 Rene-Claudius Schuemperli of Switzerland discovered the Atlas is dislocated in most humans. The Atlas becomes dislocated through natural birth, cesarean or injury.

When a baby is born the two pins that hold the Atlas in its proper place are not fully formed. In Eastern European countries mid-wives are trained to ensure the Atlas of newborns is properly aligned so when the pins grow and harden they do so to hold the Atlas in its proper position.

In the West the Atlas becomes dislocated through the use of forceps at birth or hanging the baby upside down right after birth. Placing the baby on its stomach during the first months after birth when the pins are growing and hardening, strains its neck. The Atlas can also become dislocated through head and neck injury.

When the Atlas is out of alignment the body can suffer from headaches, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, herniated disk, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, pain in the hips, knees and joints, differences in leg length and continuous pressure on the spinal cord. Improper alignment of the Atlas also contributes to feelings of being out of balance and increased fear around the neck and spine.

This technique uses a tool developed to pulsate at a certain frequency which gently relaxes the muscles holding the Atlas allowing it to be repositioned.

Atlas Profilax is a one-time treatment to gently install the Atlas to its proper position. This allows the spinal column to align and remain properly positioned (unless the Atlas is moved out of alignment through serious injury).

(The above section was taken from a practitioner website; the following below are all in my own words - Wayne)

II. Description of Tool and How It's Used in the Treatment

The tool used in this technique looks somewhat like an oversized electric toothbrush. It's a bit longer and sturdier, and instead of having a brush on the end, it has a flat circular shaped ending about the size of a dime. This is covered with felt to soften the effect when it's placed up against the Atlas.

An Atlas Profilax practitioner seems to only have to check your neck area with his hands to determine whether the Atlas is out of place or not. I would suspect that in the world of MRIs and X-Rays, they probably wouldn't have a clue as to whether the Atlas was misaligned or not, even if it did show up on a scan. Michael Hane used various subtle diagnostic techniques during and afterward to check on the status of the Atlas and accuracy of the adjustment.

In my case, the Atlas on the left side was tipped up, so the right side was tipped down. There apparently was some kind of torque involved as well. These areas correspond to the areas right behind the lower ear where the Atlas extends out to. So, in my case, and I believe in all cases, the Atlas is adjusted (while the patient is sitting) by putting pressure on these two areas behind the ear, far away from the center of the neck vertebrae and spinal cord.

The adjustment on the left side lasted approximately 20-30 seconds. I felt a moderate amount of pressure and pain during this adjustment. The adjustment on the right side was a bit more problematic. I experienced a bit more pressure and pain, and initially lasted about 30 seconds or so. After checking out the results, we had to move the Atlas just a bit further on the right side, so had another 15 seconds of so of pain and pressure.

This machine was described above as "pulsating" at a certain frequency. I would describe it as a light massaging/vibrating sort of feeling. The actual pressure applied made the pulsating mostly undetectable. It may help relax muscles in the area, but the actual benefits of this technique result from the actual movement of the Atlas into proper alignment.

This technique strikes me as very, very safe. The practitioner cradles the head during the time the pressure is being applied, so there is never any kind of whiplash motion of any kind. In fact, it's so gentle and subtle, it's almost (initially) hard to notice that anything has happened.

"As another poster mentioned recently in What Worked for Me, "I thought I wouldn't be able to 'take' it given the sensitivity of my C1 joint (the Atlas), but it was so gentle it was, well, underwhelming. Didn't think anything even happened."

A good friend of mine who has a serious carotid artery problem was told emphatically to never have her neck adjusted. She decided to come over and observe the procedure being done so she could determine whether she should consider it or not. Upon seeing how simple and safe it was, (no manipulating or cracking, etc.), she was very comfortable in deciding to have it done. She's been very pleased with the results.

III. Narrative on Some of the Benefits I've Noticed

I decided to go for a short walk after my treatment and experienced a rather extraordinary thing. I felt sort of like a "crooked dog" that most of us have seen. One that is trotting down the road or sidewalk in one direction, but sort of facing off in another direction.

Well, I felt like a crooked dog and couldn't quite figure out what was going on. I checked my walking gate, and felt I was walking very straight. I then realized I had gotten so used to my gate being out of alignment for so long, that it didn't feel normal for it to now be aligned. In fact, it was so disconcerting, I felt nauseous from it. By the next day, this feeling while walking dissipated.

I had a very interesting experience the next morning. While drying myself after showering, I usually stand on one foot while drying the other. Normally, standing on one foot turns out to be a pretty wobbly affair, but that morning I was immediately struck by how solid and stable my foot was on the ground. When switching to the other foot, I noticed the same thing. This started giving me an indication of some of the things to come.

Over the next few days, I continued to feel remarkable things in my body, almost every time I moved or did something. While walking, I noticed my posture feeling significantly different and improved. Alea even commented on how I looked so different while I walked. I also noticed that my lower back seemed to support my body in a much more stable and foundational way.

I have also noticed a significant relaxation and reduction in pain in literally every muscle group in my body. I have had to do extensive self-massage on myself for years to keep various pain syndromes at bay. My main pain problems (in order of severity) have been pain in my head, neck, eyes, ribs and lower back. This pain level, so far, seems to have improved from 50-75%.

Michael mentioned that when the Atlas is out, it will create pressure in the lower back. It will usually first manifest itself as pain, and then progress to bulging or herniated disks. He further mentioned that adjusting the Atlas will "relax the core muscles of the spine." When I heard this description, I thought of the many people on this board who have described their bulging and/or herniated disks and the pain they deal with because of it.

IV. Various Reactions to Anticipate

Michael mentioned that most people will experience significant benefits from having the Atlas aligned. Others will notice some benefits, but perhaps not as significant. But virtually everybody will benefit from one degree or another. Some people will feel quite energized after this technique is done. It happens that some people will be unable to sleep the first night because of this. However, most people will feel extra tired. He mentioned one woman in particular who literally slept for four days following her session.

Because I usually have significant responses to various therapies, I felt I was braced for just about anything. What I didn't expect was to experience the degree of nausea and disorientation I felt the next morning. This was accompanied by an unusual amount of head pain as well. When a carpet cleaning van showed up nex :t door, I felt I couldn't deal with the sensory overload, and decided to go pick up some olive oil I needed for my St. John's Wort wildcrafting project.

Once I got to the store, I sort of found myself wandering around in a daze. I then remembered that I had only come into the store for one item, and that I should probably go to the aisle where they had it on the shelf. Hey, how's that for deductive reasoning? :)

Over the rest of the morning, the brain fog, vertigo and disorientation continued unabated. I finally took a homeopathic remedy called nux vomica that helped ease some of the feelings of deep nausea. Though I was surprised by the degree of my reactions, I was not at all concerned. I realized that because I was experiencing the very things I've dealt with for such a long time, that most of these symptoms were probably connected to having my Atlas out of alignment. It was an encouraging and hopeful realization.

By the early afternoon, I was able get some bits of sleep, and by that evening most of my reactions had improved by 50-75%. Over the next few days, I still noticed some of these reactions would cycle in and out. But the cycling out always seemed to bring new levels of well being and optimism.

I wanted to describe some of my "challenges" in integrating this new alignment so that for any of you who have this done, it would be good to anticipate that some of your more pronounced CFS/FM symptoms may be exacerbated for a time immediately following your session. It would be best to avoid having to drive long distances or dealing with other kinds of unusual stress afterwards.

V. Summation

Atlas Profilax practitioners stress this is a one-time treatment to gently install the Atlas to its proper position. They are so confident the vast majority of people will not need further adjustment, that they do not charge for any further exams or adjustment if it becomes necessary. This "guarantee" is backed by all licensed Atlas Profilax practitioners.

For those who may have a concern about age in regards to this technique, I want to mention that an 85 year-old dear friend of mine decided to have this done. She has a history of serious heart and lung problems and couldn't believe what a big breath of air she was able to take immediately afterward. She has since felt a greater circulation in her heart area along with a greater sense of alignment. She's also experiencing times of extra energy.

It's hard to explain or describe this new sense I have of "being aligned". It would be easy to use superlatives in describing it, but I would rather just give you my best understanding and description of Atlas Profilax based on my own experience. Perhaps you can use it to help make an informed decision for yourself. The following are just a few remaining thoughts and reflections I have at this time.

Atlas Profilax is unlike any Chiropractic care I've ever had. I have gone to chiropractors for decades, receiving much benefit from some and much trauma from others. I now view their approach as being outdated, and will remain so until they adopt the Atlas Profilax technique. I have come to believe that only when they incorporate it as the starting point in their overall treatment plan will they be able to give their patients the care they need and deserve.

I have asked Michael if he felt chiropractors know whether an Atlas is in alignment or not. He said that the AP training for determining whether the Atlas is aligned properly appears to use different criteria than what many chiropractors use. He said he has patients be told all the time by their chiropractors that their Atlas is out of alignment.

I'm mentioning this because I think it would be good to know that an AP practitioner and your personal Chiropractor may have different viewpoints on this issue. If you have more confidence in the Chiropractic profession to have better perspectives and insights on Atlas alignment, then perhaps the AP is not for you.

For those that do get the AP, I think it would be good to candidly discuss your treatment with your Chiropractor. Ideally, they will be supportive of the steps you have taken, and be agreeable to your requests that they not adjust your Atlas anymore, even if they think it may need it. If you do think you need it, I would highly recommend going back to your AP practitioner, or a different AP practitioner if desireable, to be rechecked. I find it interesting that Michael occasionally does Atlas alignments on chiropractors.

It's almost hard to believe that it's only been six days since I've had this Atlas adjustment done. I have noticed so many benefits in just a short amount of time. I also expect, as others have posted, to continue to notice more improvements in the weeks and months ahead.

Speaking as one person with CFS and/or FM to another, I want to emphasize that I do not think this Atlas Profilax technique is a "magic bullet" for all that ails us. I do think however, that it has great potential to address a core health condition that can significantly impact our overall wellness. My tendency right now is to think that FM symptoms might respond more readily than CFS symptoms, although I believe both stand to improve significantly.

The only other therapy that I feel holds as much or more potential is the methylation cycle block protocol. It's in quite a different category of therapy however, and it's almost like comparing apples and oranges. It also doesn't seem to produce the low-risk immediate benefits that are as readily available with the Atlas Profilax technique.

I've focused primarily on the physical aspect of this technique with this post. I feel there is also a significant energetic/spiritual component to it as well. I am anticipating posting shortly on this over at the Chit Chat Board. I will be entitling the thread "Energetic / Spiritual Aspects of the Atlas Profilax Technique".

I sincerely hope some of this information may help any of you who have been considering having this technique done for yourself. Hopefully, I've been able to answer some various questions or concerns you may have had about the viability and/or safety of Atlas Profilax.

Best in Health and Well Being to All,


P.S. on August 30 -- I saw Michael Hane recently for my a followup visit. I had a chance to talk with him on how many people need another adjustment after coming in for a followup visit.

He said approx. 90% will be fine, with the remaining 10% needing additional correction. Sometimes the necessary adjustment won't be much, but is enough for people to start noticeing benefits they hadn't noticed earlier. He also said that in almost all instances, the 2nd adjustment will be the only additional one needed.

This is the case in his practice, but when he has checked people who had the AP done at a health fair, the need for additional adjustment was significantly higher. He himself does not believe health fairs are appropriate venues for the AP.
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Thanks for the information!

I will be anxious to learn if the treatment holds for an extended period of time . . . like for the rest of your life!



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Thanks for the detailed post Wayne. I'm going to share with my chiro to see what he has heard of it. He is very into non-invasive homeopathic treatments and if this really works I'm sure he'll be interested.



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Thanks for sharing this! I would like to have this done, but in the area I live not much around.



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I am very interested in trying this. I too have been going to chiropractors since I was 15 years old ( now 52!) and never had this offered. How did you find the right practioner? I live in South Florida.

Besides FM, I have scoliosis ( my spine is shaped like an S ) therefore I have regular adjustments.

Thank you so much for sharing this info...

Hi jmq,

Apparently there are only about about five or so certified Atlas Profilax practitioners in the U.S. I'm guessing the closest one near you is in Newnan, GA, about 40 miles SW of Atlanta.

His name is Lon W. Lynch, Jr. and can be reached at: 678.447.5240

The following practitioners were posted by hurtstomove this past April. Though these are all in California, I've heard there is also one in Utah and another in Ohio. I'm posting them here because they apparently sometimes attend different kinds of health fairs in different parts of the country. You could check to see if any of them had plans to be in your area in S. Florida.

Hane Théodor A.
P.O. Box 1797 Palm Desert
2261 California
Tél.: 760 340 94 91

Hane Michael
Commercial-Str. 114
Nevada City 95959 CA
Tél.: 760 808 0359

Shahar Ranan
Blwd #300
1026 S. Robertson
90035 Los Angeles
Tél.: 310 266 5321

ST ONGE Jeffrey
7875 Convoy court # A-5
92111 San Diego
Tél.: 619-701-5105

Troy Roper in Utah - 801-898-2817

Michael Hane, who works out of the Sacramento area, did the adjustments for us here in Ashland. He says he sometimes has people flying all the way across country from the east coast just to have this done. Easier said than done for somebody with CFS and/or FM.

I would highly recommend Michael Hane and feel fortunate that he offered to stop in Ashland on his way up north for a vacation. Having a housecall for an Atlas Profilax adjustment almost feels like a miracle.

Best to you as you try to find the best way to get this done. You sound determined, and I know you will figure out a way.

Kind regards, Wayne

P.S. I just noticed this post by kmecabe from another thread.

Lon just wants you to feel better. I live in S Fl. and he was visiting friends in central Fl, he actually drove to my house to help me, about a three hour drive round trip. I don't know if this treatment will work for everyone or every condition but it is sure worth a try. I'm getting better every day, doing things I thought I could never do again. I could never thank Lon enough and all the people that do the AtlasProFilax.
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Hi Wayne,

I'm so happy for you. Your benefits from this treatment so far are so encouraging. Hope it holds up. Will be following your posts to see how your going.
Wonder if there are any licenced practitioners who do this atlas profilax here in Australia. Never heard this therapy mentioned here....

All the best with this and I hope you continue to experience lots more benefits.



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Hello Wayne,
Thanks so much for posting your atlas experience. I can't wait to get my atlas done! I'm very excited by the atlas treatment and feel it would help my fibromyalgia in my neck and shoulder area.

Also I wanted to mention that the Atlasprofilax practitioners do travel to different parts of the U.S. throughout the year.

Sincerely, Jasmine


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Great news. thanks for sharing. i am having this done by Michael in early August. cant wait. hope i see similar good results.

warmly, lisa


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If you can't find one of the above types to align the Atlas, you can try to find an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. They do the same thing, but it is NOT a one time treatment. It is very gentle, but it does take longer to do. It is the thing that got me on the road to recovery.

If you are interested in reading about this treatment, goodgle NUCCA and have a look.
Thank you all kindly for your expressions of appreciation.

Hi cct - I'm optimistic that this adjustment will hold for a long time. It feels much more like a bone being set than a vertebra being tweaked.

Hi Kathi - I always appreciate hearing when others plan on sharing this with their chiropractor. I believe the day will come when virtually every chiropractor will be offering this and people won't have to go to extraordinary lengths to have this simple, often transforming adjustment.

Hi Linda - Perhaps if you keep alert, you may find that an AP practitioner may be in your vicinity at some point. It feels like a miracle that a housecall was made for me.
Hi Monalia3 - Always so good to hear from you. I believe I noticed that an AP training was being planned for Australia in the near future. Might be worth exploring what this may mean for your accessability to having this done.

Hi Jasmine - The first couple nights after my adjustment, I felt a warmth spread over my upper back, shoulders, neck and back of the head. I would think you have a great chance for improvement in your neck and shoulder area.

Hi Lisa - I'm excited for you in already having your appointment set with Michael. I have the highest respect for him. He is very comfortable to be with, is probably in the top 5% on a likability scale, and exudes a sense of competence (and alignment!). There were ten of us that had this done, and it seems everybody fell in love with him!

Hi Happycanuk - The upper cervical chiropractic you mention sounds great and am happy to hear you've had good success with it. Sounds very similar to the Orthogonal Chiropractic I did for a number of years to keep many of my symptoms at bay. For me, unfortunately, my adjustments never held more than six weeks or so.

The Atlas Profilax technique is far different than the orthogonal I had, and am hoping it is permanent like they say. Don't know exactly how the upper cervical adjustment would compare to the orthogonal one, but like I mentioned above, the Atlas Profilax feels more like a bone being set than a vertebra being gently manipulated.

For somebody unable to access the Atlas Profilax at this time, I can see where the gentle upper cervical work and orthogonal adjustments could help immensely.

Thanks to all for posting.

Kind regards, Wayne
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Hi there - saw you posted asking about this, so I'm bumping Wayne's informative personal experience on the Atlas procedure.



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Hi Wayne
What a great informative post - thank you.I'm so pleased you are happy with the results and are feeling a good change.

In a way the reactions sound like the Alexander Technique.

I had sessions for the technique years ago (before I was ill ) for about a year. The strange feeling on walking and disorientation were exactly the same when I started. Then it was just good things afterwards.

The Alexander Technique re-aligns the head/neck/body. However, this is not a one off treatment and needs constant practice. I have of course failed to keep up with it!

I'm really happy that this one treatment has helped you & hope it continues.

Best wishes
Hi All,

Yesterday was a pretty major discombobulation day for me. I just seemed to be out of it, and in addition, was dealing with some pretty significant muscle pain and tightness in my neck. I attributed it to an unwinding process from the Atlas Profilax, and was happy to go to bed and hope for better things today.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by what almost felt like a bolt of lightning coursing through my left rib area. Was pretty alarming for a few seconds as it was very painful, and wasn't sure how much more I might expect. Luckily, it only last about 3-5 seconds and didn't reappear. I then ended up sleeping a quite a bit better than normal for the rest of the night.

Woke up this morning again with the discombobuation blues, and was trying all my tricks to come out of it. Nothing seemed to be working so thought I'd go for a walk. As I was walking, it felt like I all of a sudden "hit my stride" and felt remarkably well. I then noticed that my left rib area that had been "struck by lightning" felt incredibly loose and free flowing, with a similar feeling of warmth that I had experienced last week in my shoulders, neck and head areas.

I feel I can only attribute it to the Atlas Profilax adjustment continuing to unwind age-old patterns in my body. I'm seeing more and more that there is probably nothing going on in my body that does not stand to improve considerably as this process continues.

I'm very much appreciating all your feedback.

Kind regards, Wayne
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Thanks for your posts.
My husband and I had Atlas Profilax treatments along with Wayne.
My husband also had a lot of rib "pain" after the atlas treatment. He had been in a major car accident and also cracked a vertebrae at another time. I attributed his rib pain to his body recorrecting itself, I'm sure his muscles were pulling strangely on his body. I believe the atlas profilax is correcting that, but it must feel strange! He also has had addrenline rushes and renewed energy in all his life (he doesn't have cfs, but it benefits everyone.)

I am looking for more long term results from my treatment, with my cfs. I have been sleeping more deeply, and longer since the treatment 1 week ago. It really gives you a renewed sense of hope and energy to have this procedure done. I still look forward to seeing the results down the road.


I'm so glad to hear of this. It's certainly something to consider but I would want to ensure I had someone well trained in the procedure.

I appreciate hearing about this. What a service this board and our wonderful members perform for us, keeping us up on the latest and most cutting-edge treatment options.

Love, Mikie


Wayne -

Thanks for keeping us informed about your body's reactions to the Atlas treatment. It is so interesting to learn about how the body heals itself . . fascinating!

Robyn -

Thanks to you too for sharing your experiences with the Atlas treatments. It sounds like your husband and Wayne are experiencing some of the same reactions. Interesting . . . very interesting!



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Hi Wayne, the first week after the procedure I felt more
tired it was a different tired. My friend Sue expereinced the exact feeling as I did, we went together to see Ranan. The following week I had lower back spasms for a few days, Ranan said that was my body trying to realign itself. I also had periods of the blues. Most days by the afternoon I really ached, sometimes I would have a glass of wine which helped me relax. I had a weekly massage for several months which helped to retrain the muscles & ligments. Each week I could feel the fatigue lifting a little, less blues but I did ache for several months. After 2 months I started sleeping much better and different parts of my body the pain was leaving. Before I had this treatment my anxiety was severe I was on 300mg Effexor and 1 mg Lorazapam and still needed Xanax on occasion, now the anxiety is gone. I changed to Zoloft and am down to 50mg, .5 Lorazapam and no Xanax. I was on 10 mg Cytomel, my T4 thyroid was not converting to T3. I recently had bloodwork and the Dr. lowered it to 5 mg. Cytomel and also lowered my Synthroid. He said the adrenals can take up to 12 months to get back to normal. It's been almost 9 months since I had the Atlas Profilax and I am thinking how lucky I was to find this procedure. I hope others will consider it.


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Thank you Wayne for getting back to me!!

I haven't been on the message board OR computer for days. Pretty much in bed for the most part of my day.

I have been to kazillion chirop. in the past 8 yrs.

I found and called a chirop. in Ohio who does
Atlas profilax.
She had moved to Ohio from Austalia. She said there are not many in the states whom do this treatment.
The treatment is $250.00 and insurance does not cover..
I had a chance to ride back to Ohio from Iowa with my neice last wk. but I didn't think I could handle the trip. I will have to take my 401k out, a no-no for sure, to do this. There lies the dillema. In the meantime I lay here and do not purchase anything but food and rx's, patiently waiting to be accepted for ssdi.

I appreciate your letting me know the diff. between the 2 treatments. I also found 1 the 2 states around me, who does the atlas ortho. treatment, but like you said, he told me it may take several treatments. He had never heard of the atlas profilax, that concerned me, so I didn't make an appointment.

What exactly do they do for the atlat profilax treatment? Do they use a tool or manipulation by hand or how?

Thanks Wayne