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Attn: Mold Warriors/see Mystery Diagnosis Episode 44 this week

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Discovery Health's TV show "Mystery Diagnosis" airing this week featured a story about a woman with hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP).

It was episdode number 44 which aired for the first time on Mon Jan 21. It should repeat all weekend until Monday 1/28.

The woman in the story had candida, cladosporium stachybotrys, and one other pathgen (there were 4) growing in her lungs. At first,I thought is was going to be a sarcoidosis story but it was mold.

A neighbor's shower sprung a leak in the home next door to her home. Mold and other pathogens were growing on the other side of a common wall to her living room. She moved to the couch in that room because her constant coughing was disturbing the rest of the family. This made all of her symptoms worse.

They ended up buying a RV and abandoning their home and all of their possessions! Can't believe it was all on TV. Way to go Discovery Health.

They also have a message board for fans of the show to share other similiar conditions that have baffled doctors. I'm going to join the forum.

Other names for this condition stemming from mold are:

hypersensitivity pneumonitis, HP, bird fancier's lung, extrinsic allergic alveolitis, farmer's lung, Saccharopolyspora rectivirgula, S rectivirgula, Micropolyspora faeni, M faeni, Thermoactinomyces sacchari, T sacchari, Thermoactinomyces vulgaris, T vulgaris, Penicillium casei, P casei, Aspergillus clavatus, A clavatus, Mucor stolonifer, M stolonifer, Sitophilus granarius, S granarius, Cladosporium, heykatarr, bagassosis, grain handler's lung, humidifier lung, air-conditioner lung, bird breeder's lung, cheese worker's lung, malt worker's lung, paprika splitter's lung, mollusk shell hypersensitivity, chemical worker's lung, pulmonary disease, lung disease

Some info about the condition:

Link to the forum for Mystery Diagnosis fans:
hi all,

please write back here,if the mystery diagnosis programe says what we can use to get rid of the mold for good.

i continue to believe that my homes,mold growth,is the reason for my chronic fatigue.when the molds gone,i hope to be cured of the nasal irritation,and start to feel better in myself.

ive used neat bleach and a old toothbrush,around my window was the only thing that i found would get into nooks and crannies,on the window frames.

i did all the window frames in this house.even the doors and their frames.

so far im into week two of the mold NOT returning on those things.

and my nasal passage isnt having that itchy burning sensation anymore.

i rinse my nasal passages out,twice a day with salt water,and alls well just now.

dont let one bit of that black mold remain on the window frames and doors,else it starts growing back quickly.

i found the bleach on the old toothbrush,got into any cracks in my doors wood,so that horrible mold couldnt hide from me.

kind regards



I checked my DVR and this episode repeats on Sat 1/26 at 7 PM and again at 10 PM CST. It's on Sun at 1 AM CST.

The pathogens found in the woman's lungs on the show were candida, stachybotrys, cladosporium and aspergillis. They ended up leaving their possessions and home behind so cleaners are not mentioned on the show at all.

I have MCS so for home cleaning I like the products from I use their laundry and dishwasher products since I detest the fragrance in fabric softener dryer sheets.

For mold on my hot tub cover (the inside grows mold no matter what I do with it) I use this product. It smells like Thyme.


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Mold goes through The Aldehyde Detox Pathway in the body. Molybdenum is needed as a cofactor to metabolize it and turn it into energy or a harmless substance that can be safely eliminated in urine. Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University
hi all,

i have a question....

if my breathing in mold spores,is irritating my nasal passages and making the nose feel like its throat too.

well,is it possible for those with intestinal sensitivities,that as the mold is going through the bodies processes,that as the mold goes into our urine,and through the kidneys and bladder.

our body sees the mold as a invader,and then makes the mouth and vaginal thrush,in such large amounts,that we get the thrush growing on out tongue and lady area,and suffer the agonies that thrush brings to us.

the reason i ask is...

since i am drinking cranberry juice twice a day,this is cleaning out my bladder and bowels.

reports say that cranberry juice stops nasties attatching to the bladder wall,and so it is good for beating water infections.

so if the mold is taken away from our breathing space,would the body stop making large amounts of thrush?and then we arent forever having bouts of mouth and vaginal thrush to have to get rid of with perscription drugs.

might i add,that ive had no thrush while drinking cranberry juice twice a day.but i do know the mouth thrush will come back if i stop the cranberry juice.

kind regards