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As I've mentioned before, TF immunity isn't permanent and one has to do a "booster" of them from time to time. I am now having a Herx-like immune reaction to the TF's after only two capsules. This reaction is very strong. I probably should only sprinkle a bit of the powder under my tongue but the taste prevents my doing that. I know the TF's are doing their job based on the reaction.

TF's target Herpes-Family viruses and are much more effective than the antiviral I often take. I get my TF's here in the Store and there is info on them there or in our Library.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie, don't come here often, but have read a lot about TF here (I was prescribed this by my Naturopath long before I found this site). You wrote this a few months ago, but I am curious how long you took this "booster"?

I read that you originally took it for 3 months (as did I), and then for a few days every 4-6 weeks. So are you saying that wasn't enough, and you had to go back on it for another 3-month period?

I ask because I am having severe sore throats again and back on ImmunFactor 2, but am unclear how long I should be taking it? Just until I get this under control...or for another a "few weeks"...or for another 3-month run? What have you found works best when you feel your symptoms returning, and is that why you put yourself back on it as you wrote in this post?

Thanks so much, there is just so little info about TF and personal experience on the web, I was thrilled to find you!



I'm so sorry I missed your post.

TF's are similar to little oral vaccines. In some cases, it's necessary to take "booster" doses of them from time to time. If you take them down the road for a few days and it produces a Herx, you needed the booster. Unfortunately, it's not an exact science. I still feel that TF's are the best way to attack chronic stealth infections but, as pointed out in another thread, they do not address one's dysfunctional immune system. They only kick the immune system into action when it becomes lazy.

Again, sorry it took so long for my answer.

Love, Mikie