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Hi Spacee and hopefully this will guide some others too. Yes, I made contact with the people with TF 2 and 9...You were right. That is exactly what I should be on and figured out why. OK, I am giving it all my best shot. I can feel the herx and have to keep on living here with fam and new lab puppy! Found out that when we herx and go thru the cfs crud...take beta glucan ...a lot and steadily. Yes, works...helps so much. I will be there during the day , after the tf...gets into me ...I take olive leaf...amazing and cleans up the cruddy herx feeling. All out there now do their homework on olive leaf. I get mine at Wal Mart...and none can beat it from any other health food store. OK< biggy quest. to you and all with mycoplasma fermentans. When do you take your antibiotics? I take doxy at low least every other day...and it really helps. I think if I stick with this all and steadily I will be on track in a few weeks as the tf gets into my blood and does its job! This is a lot to chew on but how do the other feel on this one. I was tested about ten years ago by Garth Nicholson's lab..positive/for myco...searching on my own and believing there was a reason for cfs...paid off. Infection both viral and bacterial play such a huge part of the story. Ok, enough and thanks to all in this group. I appreciate all the letters and suggestions. Great job, Ya'll. Blazer


Thanks for mentioning the Beta Glucan and the Olive Leaf. I just found two bottles of Olive Leaf I had in a drawer..never opened.. I get tired of the aching lymph nodes that I have on the TF. Maybe that will help,.

I don't know which mycos I have (never been tested) but I know I have some since I herxed while on the Marshall Protocol. Do you remember Sujay (the doc who used to post here). She uses abx for CFS/FM with her patients. I talked with her nurse by phone a couple of years ago and was told that Sujay used TFs with abx on some of her patients. Just to be safe, I would probably try to take it 10-12 hours apart. I don't know of any negative impact but it wouldn't hurt to keep them far apart.

Glad to hear you are on your way to getting the TF's back in you. I am having a rare few hours in the evening about once a month or so that I feel completely normal. Then for the first time in 20 years I am sleeping like a normal person...7 1/2 hours a night. I haven't slept lest that 10-14 in 20 years! Feels like something is trying to "shift" in my body. Hope it is my immune system!

Another thing I have started doing on bad days is wearing my sunglasses in the house even at night. I think that helps my brain.

To feeling better!