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Bake Sales for Fund Raisers

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The Senior Center where I work decided to have a fund raiser in the form of a craft/bake sale. We picked a date and are in the process of asking for donations of baked goods and or craft items.

Our plan is to have some donated baked goods from local stores and some donated by people in the community.

Suddenly I've became nervous of accepting baked goods from people I don;t know. I've talked this over with a friend but she thinks I'm just over-reacting and that people have these kind of fund raisers all the time.

The Health Dept said we have to have a sign stating that some of the baked goods have not came from a licensed and inspected kitchen. {And, we will have this sign} & also they said for us to only accept items that are shelf stable--that don't need to be refrigerated.

But my brain is going off into "What if Mode??" someone brought us pot laced brownies or something worse.

Anyone have any experiences they would like to share with me?


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I would put up the sign per the Health Dept because if they show up and you don't have the sign, you might get a citation and a fine. And if anyone were to get sick from some person's baking, that sign might help somehow.

I think more than anything else, it's because some ingredients get used that may need appropriate storage ahead of time, like refrigeration, and you don't know when the baked goods were made or how they were stored. Plus, let's be honest, go in any bathroom at a restaurant and not everyone washes their hands after they use the restroom.

There have been too many dinners to support little league baseball, etc. where the meals were not prepared and kept properly and due to bacteria people got sick.