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Bed sores are getting worse, need suggestions?

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My Mom has late stages of Alzheimers and doesn't walk anymore. We do get her in a wheelchair and other chairs and use the best pillows we know to use. I'm getting a new hospital bed and ordered an air mattress for on it, which we should be getting soon. I had her nurse check her ulcers the other day, and she doesn't think they look all that bad. We are using Silvadeen cream to prevent infection, and I keep her diapers unhooked and leave the ulcers dry out at nighttime. I also use a hairdryer on cool to help dry them. We use duoderm patches during the day only. I use Calmoseptine cream to help prevent more, but lately, it seems as one clears up, she gets a new one. Right now, the one where her tailbone protrudes is the biggest one. I have her sleeping on her side to help that one get better.

I really hate to have to leave her laying down all the time, plus being on her side too much too. She's been non-ambulatory for almost two yrs now, and this is the worse her ulcers have been. THe nurse says to keep the diapers off as much as possible, so I just lay it in her crotch while sleeping. She doesn't move anything while sleeping except her one leg.

What else can I do?


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Bed sores were discussed today. Type 'bed sores' in the search box.

They need to be treated aggressively and quickly.

Good Luck


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Jayhawker is correct, there is some valuable info on the AD board.....

My Mom has been in a NH for 3.5yrs, and she would get them on her heels, no matter how they tried to prevent them..
But at the first sign of one, they would use this RX med, which is some type of oxygeniated (sp) oil..........
And then if need be, some type of antibiotic.........

I was also told Protein plays a big part in bed sores - will your Mom drink protein shakes.......
Sorry I can't give you more advice.......
Best Wishes......HUGS Donna


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As a nurse and with a mother with alzheimer's I know alot about ulcers. The best way to keep them from appearing is to make sure the person changes positions at least every 2 hours. This is not as easy as it sounds, especially since your mom no longer moves for herself. If you keep on doing what you are doing and make sure she moves every 2 hours, you will see an improvement. Hope this helps. Beth


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Hi, I saw your post. I was caregiver to my father for 6 yrs. He couldn't walk, stand, or really do anything for himself. He would get horrible sores on his tail bone, heels, and some areas of his back. I heard about this gel, it comes in a tube like toothpaste, it is called safe gel. It worked great!!!!! But I had to make sure dads daiper was always dry and air could get to the area. It also had to be kept very clean. I used on him that waterless body wash.

I hope this helps. The tube is white with burgundy lettering. Here its otc. I just had to have pharm order it. Its not that much $ either. Good luck, Kim


This is my first visit here...I am usually over at the Fibromyalgia board. My daughter has cerebral palsy...she is 22....she has an "alternating pressure pad" on her bed....that might be what you called an air mattress?...

in case you don't know about this item,you put it on top of the mattress, with a mattress pad over it, then the sheet and bed the person doesn't sweat due to only a sheet over the mat...... it is a vinyl mat with air tubes running all over it...there is a motor that sits on the floor under the bed that has a tube that pushes air into the mattress continuiously(spelling???) and some of the tubes are full, some are less full....then, after a few minutes the air shifts and different tubes are fuller while others are less changes where the person has pressure against their body every few still need to change positions and you still need to position them with pillows but my daughter won't sleep without hers! If she travels anywhere, we take it with us....motor and all!

i hope that I explained that well probably already have one....but, just in case!

i wasn't even planning on typing here....just lurking for support....

good luck!



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Thanks for the info. I wish I had this several years ago when my mom was still living with me. She seemed like she couldn't get comfortable some times in bed, and I was working back then and had the income to buy an "alternating pressure pad" for her that would have made her more comfortable. So thanks for mentioning that and I'm sure it will help others here.


we have been so lucky that our daughter hasn't gotten a bedsore yet....she spends most of her day lounging on her bed, ever since she got a hospital bed! She likes the positioning and watches lots of TV, movies, listens to audio books, and sneaks in a nap every so often! She likes the quiet of her room due to her noisy brothers and she is sensitive to loud sounds. She startles very easily and has a hard time pulling herself together afterwards.

I can't believe that just a few years ago, she was going to school for 8 hours a day...she gets tired so easy now that I worry she is going to get Fibromyalgia like me....

anyways...i didn't really have much of a point other than I am terrified of dealing with bedsores and have respect for the people battling that war...


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I think you've done very well for your daughter and that air mattress device is fantastic. I attend our local disabled support group each month and I'll make sure to bring it up there. Sometimes we get parents of adults children who have had strokes or paraplegics and the parents are trying to do everything for them, and I think a comfortable device like that would be good medically. The one lady that attends our local disabled group is in her 30s and had a stroke and had to be in a rehab facility for a while after her stroke. She can only say one word at a time, she uses a wheelchair and is paralyzed on the one side.

Would you be so kind as to locate the name of the device and perhaps what it is actually called so I can find info about it on the internet and I'll print it out and take it to the local disabled group meeting. Thanks.