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Best and Worst Movies

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Freida suggessted this topic a few days ago. We could name our all time favorite movies and the ones we wish we hadn't bothered to see. :) Then, someone else can name the stars or other actors in that movie.

One of my favorites is "An Affair to Remember". Who were the stars?


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An Affair to Remember. Is that the one with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr? Gordon was
watching it a month or so ago. I think it was on Turner Classics. They also showed the
movie on which it was based called 'Love Affair".

And finally, proving that you can't keep a good story down or perhaps proving that screen
writers are desperate for plots, the movie was remade as "Sleepless in Seattle". I think
Tom Hanks was in that one. How such a bland, colorless actor won two Oscars amazes
me. However, one's reaction to actors is emotional, not rationale. Probably lots of
people here who love him.

When he asked Director Penny Marshall for a job in the movie "Big", she reportedly said,
"OK, but you have to apologize to the cast for the string of rotten movies you've
already been in."

Penny, BTW, was a star of Laverne and Shirley and is the brother of Gary Marshall,
Gary was the creator, director and or producer of lots of TV shows such as that
one and the Odd Couple, Dick Van Dyke, Happy Days, etc.



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I wish I wasn't forced in school to watch Carrie :p

Or Goldfinger as a kid when I actually wanted to see ET
Which brings me to a movie I liked ET. I also truely enjoy the muppet movies :D And me and my mom went to see Annie, both sobbing in the theater, that was a fun movie too.

I also liked brother bear. And I really like the behind the scenes or commentary clips on the DVD, those are funny. Or actually not clips I believe the two moose comment the entire movie as an option.


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Freida, At the end of one of the threads about movie lines, you made some suggestions. I think this was one of them. Now I'll have to go back and read to see if I just dreamed it. :)

Hi Jaminhealth, Nice to see you again. I remember Shawshank Redemption, wasn't that with Tim Robbins?

Freida, I saw the movie Sound of Music recently on tv and also the live production broadcast on tv with Carrie Underwood. It was good too. Julies Andrews and Christopher Plummer are great in the movie.

Yes Rock, The one I loved was with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. I have a video of it. I still get teary-eyed when she sings and his grandmother plays it on the piano. Sniff, sniff.

Soul, I love E.T. and have watched it over many times. I didn't like Carrie at all. I can't imagine being forced to watch it. It would give a child nightmares.


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One of my UNfavorite movies was "Moonstruck". It was hyped up to be so good but I was really disappointed in it. Anyone remember it, and who starred?

Another disappointment was "2001, A Space Odyssey" I've seen it more than once and still don't get it.

My favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie was/is "Vertigo". Have seen it so many times. Who are the stars ??


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Freida, I looked it up and you suggested Favorite and Nonfavorite movies. It was at the end of the Famous Movie Lines thread. Good suggestion.


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Never saw "Moonstruck", but I know that Cher was in it. Shows up frequently in the crosswords. "Space Odyssey" I never cared for. Interestingly, the sound track was written by Alec North who wrote lots of movie scores. His most famous work is the song Unchained Melody from a little known film titled "Unchained".

Well, Alec wrote the score for the Sci Fi flick but the director decided to keep the music they
had been using while putting the film together. Apparently Alec didn't find out till he
saw the movie. I assume he got paid anyway.

"Vertigo" starred Jimmy Stewart and the beautiful Kim Novak. Hitchcock had a thing
for gorgeous blondes.



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One of my favorite movies is 'A Good Year' with Russel Crowe and .....and..... brain fog..........

ALBERT FINNEY - always relieved when I remember. Took place in the gorgeous French countryside. A comedy - romance. Have watched it many times. Very good acting.

I really liked Moonstruck a lot. My husband is Italian, and came from New York.(perhaps why?) I loved the acting - Cher, Nicholas Cage, the whole cast. And THE HOUSE. What an amazing house -so much character.

I used to love watching romantic-comedies, but no more. Most are dreadful, crude, and definitely with no comedy or romance. Simply stopped watching them all.

Another favorite - so well done - is 'Beatrix Potter' with Renee Zellweiger. Takes place in the Lake Country where Wordsworth wrote his poetry. Stunning landscape.


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Jamin and Windblade, I think what I remember about not liking Moonstruck is that it was something about Nicolas Cage's character in the movie. It's been so long I've forgotten.

Jamin, I didn't see the other two films you mentioned. Mystic River sounds a little familar, what was it about? Never heard of Milk.

I didn't see A Good Year either. I stopped going to movies years ago too because of back problems but still watch some of the more recent ones on tv. Mostly I watch old movie channels.


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I like just about all of Michael J. Fox's films. He's so funny. I like all of Sandra Bullock films too. I like comedy usually more than drama.

Of the oldies, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Deborah Kerr, Bette Davis and going way back, Susan Hayward.

The musicals from the '40's and '50's are favorites too. Saw them all.


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Hi GB, Speaking of Bette Davis, saw a few minutes of a film yesterday called "Where Love Has
Gone". It starred Bette Davis and Susan Hayward. Made in 1964. Never knew the two had
been in a movie together.

Couldn't watch it. Gordon's brother arrived with a truck, and we had to leave. Too bad.
Bette wasn't in many color films. Two great stars with not a lot in common. Susan was
gorgeous. Bette was very plain. She made up for it with her indomitable will.



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I'd like to see that movie Rock. I'm going to look for it. I didn't know they made a movie together either. Susan was beautiful. I remeber her performance in the movie about Jane Froman. She was so good. I think it was called "I'll Cry Tomorrow" but I may have it mixed up with another movie.