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Black seed oil anyone?

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A few months ago I tried Black seed oil it's horrible tasting but I would try anything so after about 2 to 3 weeks I got so sick I had a sore throat, cough, runny nose and I haven't been sick for the past 5 years. I also had really bad digestion I had heartburn with everything i ate I lost a lot of weight cause everything bothered me. after taking the black seed oil I gained 10lbs and was able to eat again.
Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts on the oil and getting the peptide SAM-HS do you think the oil would interfere.
I sell the worlds only unprocessed black seed oil unfiltered , low temp only a few seconds a new type revolutionary press. All oil is rancid. I know. Researcher l know tested scores of them all rancid. All mash the seeds destroying the seed DNA,life force.etc. Intense friction is caused by the heavy press further compromising the oil which is laden with micronutrients. The oil unlike other presses is filled immediately into special patented glass bottles so that no light or emfs get in. It is not stored for a long time time like the mass manufacturers do. This black seed oil even tastes fine not like the processed oil out there. One thing l noticed my appetite dropped and l worked all day until l realized l needed to eat!!! It's timed release as its the first oil that is unharmed by pressing and processing,etc. Results!