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Rock had mentioned recently reading Fanny Flagg's new book (The All Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion) and I had just bought it but finished it a few days ago. Didn't think I'd like it at first, but it turned out to be a fun read. It (sort of) focuses on the WASPs during WW2 (women flyers in the Army). What's interesting about this is...I had just read a different book (Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein) which is about another American female flyer who flew for the Brits during WW2. In "Rose" the woman is captured by the Germans and put in the horrible Ravensbruck prison camp. The source for this flyer's treatment in the camp is well documented by actual events.

Another book on WW2 I thoroughly enjoyed was "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand. This is based on a true story and was a fantastic read. But, then, I loved her book on "Seabiscuit", too. What's fascinating about "Unbroken" is the fact we lost more planes transporting them to war locations that we did in the actual fighting.

SG and I both read a trilogy by Nancy E. Turner about the settling of early southern Arizona. The books are based on her great-grandmother. The trilogy starts with "These Is My Words" and goes from there. I got so involved with the characters, I hated for them to end!!

I absolutely could not get into "Inferno" by Dan Brown. Neither could SG. I've also tried reading his book "Digital Fortress" and keep putting it aside for better reads.

I'm a big fan of Lee Child's "Jack Reacher" books. Every time I think of Tom Cruise playing that roll in a movie cracks me up. "Jack" is 6'5" and weighs 250...Cruise just does not fit the picture in my head. Now, if they'd used someone like Chris Hemsworth or Liam Neeson...THAT movie I might watch...LOL.

I read at night before going to sleep. It helps quiet my mind from my "lifestyle". I know you understand...

Okay...what have you been reading lately?


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Hi Kids

Have been trying to post here since Robin started the thread but, as Bertolt Brecht
put it, "Circumstances won't have it so". To illustrate, a couple hours ago when I was coming here, I wanted to look up the name of an author. When I clicked on "Search"
the computer went into a fit, indicated I had stumbled into some devious trap, and
threw me off the net. Then the computer shut down.

Robin, the only book I ever read by Dan Brown was his best seller. When I got done
with the Da Vinci Code I felt like I had been hoodwinked. The book stops, but it has
no ending. Don't know anymore than we did at the beginning. I read Seabiscuit when
it came out. I was amazed that someone with CFS could have written it. I see on the
net Laura is listed with a net worth of $ten million. Good for her.

I've read lots of Lee Child. I like his books. I read an article by him once that I did not
care for. He lost his job as a TV producer in England. Then he became an author. Said
smugly that what's people had to do when out of work. Create a better job. Rather condescending I thought.

Anyhoo I've been looking for the names of some authors I like, but whose names I
can't remember. The computer and book sellers search engines can't find any of them.

Ah, ha. I hear Gordon just coming home. Better go help him put groceries away, etc.
Be back. Not too sure when. Anyhoo, thanks for starting the thread.



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Hi Kids

Like dog books? Here's the best dog book I ever read. Merle's Door by Ted Kerasote.

Like Laura Ingalls Wilder books.? There are many in addition to the Little House
Books including one I read recently by a writer who visited all the little house sites.
Can't find her name though. And Laura's daughter Rose Lane was a professional
writer. She edited her mother's books. Search and you will find books by and about
her. Her photo below.

And Roger Lea MacBride wrote several books about the family. He called himself
the adopted grandchild of Rose. He was a producer of the TV show, as well as an
attorney and politician.

"The more that you read, the more you will know. The more you know, the more
places you will go." Dr. Seuss


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