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Broad spectrum transfer factor

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Is their a broad spectrum transfer factor one can take that hits lyme, bartonellea, babesia, mycoplasma, EBV etc etc?


There are general TF's that help the immune system. By doing that then, hopefully, helps the others. Prohealth's Transfer Factor Essentials. or 4Life's products. I'm not up on theirs as they have extended their product line.

But the best is the ones that target the things you mentioned. TFs by Chisolm Bio Lab work the best. They sell many targeted ones.

And probably the best thing would be to call them 1-803-663-9618. They are most helpful.

The more pathogens targeted the more expensive the TF is. But keep in mind you don't take it every day. You want to keep the immune system guessing. And it takes several months to see optimal improvement.

Right now I have stopped the TF's and do about as well but I have to take a high dose of B-12. I take two of the hydroxocobalamin Extreme (under the tongue) sold by ProHealth.

Best to you!