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Bruised feeling all symptom

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I have cfs so I am used to some muscle pain but lately I have woken up with or when I lay or sit down in certain areas I feel like I have big bruises. They feel like the ones that are really big and blue but there is never anything there to see it just hurts. This has gotten more and more noticeable lately for some reason. Any ideas?


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Dear KFsunshine:

I have FMS, RA, DDD, asthma, IBS, etc. I think that the "feeling bruised" symptom is one that goes with FMS. Not sure about CFS, but have read many posts from CFS sufferers that say that is how they feel...perhaps if you have a good doctor you can talk to him/her. It may be something else entirely...did you do anything different before you felt this way for the first time? Does it go away during the day (as you move around)?

Sorry, but I feel as if I was hit by a bus ever night. I wake up each day (or every few hours at night) and wonder why I have to feel like this, but it is just the way that it is. Do not mean to minimize your symptom. If is is new to you, you would do best to check it out with your doctor.

Good luck.



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I feel bruised almost all over,all the time!! yet I don't see bruises.
All down the outer thighs,my hips,low back,upper neck,upper arms~ Its a big part of Fibro. Most with just CF don't complain of this symptom.
I felt the bruises/tender spots into about my 4th-5th yr with FM. The first few yrs I never noticed to be honest.
I can just run my fingers over my body and pick up the sore spots~ They are very tender....just like you got wacked with a bat!! Only hot baths in epsom salts are a temporary help. And of course a heating pad.
Hope your feeling better soon....
Tandy :)


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That is weird because I have complained to mu husband several times about feeling like I have bruises on my arms legs,and hips and there aren't any but it hurts like their is,and I have fm. I hope you find out why please let us know? good luck


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you are going to (if not done in the past month) need to get liver function tests run and White and red blood cell and total blood cell count done soon.

Even though it may just be a lack of vitamin C or stress. It's rarely possible it could be a liver problem and God Forbid a blood cancer such as leukemia (I am sure it isnt) but better safe than sorry. :)



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Go to your doctor and have him check for fibro. Those "invisible bruises" are usually associated with FMS, the tender areas of muscle tissue. If you feel it on one side, check the other side, if you have these bruises in pairs, it's most likely the signs of fibromyalgia.


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I have been feeling bruised for a long time now but i thought it was all in my head. I to look to see for bruises, but nothing is there. Sorry i cant answer your question, but now i know that i arent nuts.thanks
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I also have the DD--FM--I have the bruised feeling all of the time. Just this last Fri-Sun my left elbow hurt sooo bad I told my husband it felt as if someone had taken a baseball bat to it. I could not even wear long sleeves because I could not stand to have the fabric brush against my skin. Woke up Monday morning and it was totally better!! Strange disease this thing is!!!

Keep smiling even though feeling bruised, hope you feel better!!!!



I have had this bruised feeling for about 7 years. Even my scalp is sore and my eyebrows..everywhere you touch feels bruised, not just sore spots..everywhere. No one can tell me what this is..It hurts to brush my hair. Sitting on a toilet seat or any hard seat for that matter..I figure it is either inflammation or lack of oxygen to the muscles and tissues..I wish I could figure it out...


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I have this also, sometimes worse than others. Often at night when I lay down as if the pressure of the bed against my body sets it off. Also in the mornings when I first get up but does let up sometimes during the day.


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I have been trying to put a word to how my body feels and that's it. It feels like I'm bruised up and down my arms and legs, shoulders and neck, etc. When I move my arm it hurts... just sitting her typing like this hurts my hands and arms. It IS like being bruised. I would say that it is a major part of FMS as this is what I was feeling when the doc diagnosed me. It's just gotten worse in the past few months. Can hardly pick up a glass of ice water some days without being weak and hurting to do so.

Sorry, sunshine... I believe it's just the way this crazy syndrom does... we have our bad days and worse days... very few good days. Maybe some day there will be a med that can combat the worse days to make them better days, at least. When I have my worse days, there seems to have been stress in the past few days. Hope we all have good days ahead.

Hugs... lightly!! :)

Deb M.


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all over my right arm, leg and torso right after my grandma died 20 years ago (emotions do matter) . A round of hematologists and infectious disease specialists ruled everything out. I have the same feeling in all my bad places now. Maybe we have some sort of "bruising" on our tissues?




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I have FMS/MPS and I too suffer from that feeling a great deal of the time. It feels like it is just under the suface of the skin all over. It is worse on my thighs and bottom. Oddly enough though I can wake up after many days of this and it will just be gone! Hope this happens to you!!


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~I have Fm also and feel bruised all over not only at trigger points but all over my body~I also have days where I feel like I have a sunburn all over~~then there are the days I feel like i have been hit by a truck.
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One of my first fibro symptoms was the sensation of feeling bruised all over.

My excellent rheumatologist asked a question of me that he said he always asks all his newly diagnosed fibro pateints. He asked me to SUCCINCTLY describe my fibro to him. Without hesitiating, I replied, &quot;I feel like I've been beaten up from the inside out.&quot;&lt;BR&gt;
He said it was the best answer he had ever gotten from a fibro patient, and said he would also use that analogy himself in the future.&lt;BR&gt;

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I have been taking Savella for a few months now, and though the pain level is much lower, one thing that doesn't go away is the feeling of having a truck run over your body. It feels like you are bruised all over.&lt;BR&gt;


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kfsunshine, this sounds exactly like fribromyalgia. I was diagnosed with CFS about 20 years ago. A few years later, the FM came along. They often go hand in hand.