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Can you have an infection that doesn't show up on blood work?

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The only thing I can figure out is that when I went up on the effexor that may be what is causing me to throw up .
I called my doctor but he was out of town so I only took the 150mg of effexor last night. I feel sooooo tired this morning. and very shakeie. I called the Doctor today again and now waiting on him to call back.

I have noticed that when I took the antibiotics last week I have less burning in my head with the headaches.

MY THEIORY: I think I keep an infection right below where they can tell its an infection. That's why it doesn't show up in blood test. But I really believe its there all the time .When I was on the antibiotics last week it helped to clear out .My throat feels better, my head but my side is still hurting .I think my doctor should put me on a very strong antibiotic to clear my system. Maybe that why I feel like I always have a flu. Why I always feel I have a low grade fever. Why I hurt all the time ,because I did hurt a little less on the antibiotic.

Q : How can I get them to try this to see if it helps ? Have any of you tried antibiotics and felt better?

Q : Who has talked their Doctor into trying something and it has worked for them and what was it?

How do you get help when they just don't agree with your views ?I think they do not believe FM/CFS. How do I find a doctor willing to lesson to me and try different things to see if it will help me ? I have been in the army medical system for so long I do not know how to go out and find a doctor. I can not go in search of medical care without Insurance to pay for it.



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In most normal, healthy people an infection should show up..whether viral or bacterial. I had a bad viral infection back in March and they drew blood plus took blood cultures. My bloodwork showed an increase in atypical lymphocytes, and my urinalysis showed trace amounts of protein, blood, ketones and white blood cells.

However, some people who are immunodeficient or immunosuppressed may have infections that don't show up in the bloodwork. For those people it can be dangerous because they might not even have any symptoms of a typical infection, such as a fever.

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I've had blood tests and blood tests. nothing ever showed up. I went to a rheumy last week and he did a urin test. Gee he found a bacterial infection. i took bactrim for a few days, now the infection is gone. the fever is gone but it doesn't help with other stuff. So yeah some stuff doesn't show up on blood tests.



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the effexor definitly could be what's causing you to throw up. i was on that at one point and had to stop it because i had such severe nausea i couldn't eat.