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Canadian Consensus Criteria Petition: Deliverance or Disaster?

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The problem with all this psychiatric "crap" is the way in which these so-called psychiatric and mood disorders are diagnosed and selected. You will always be able to identify so-called psychiatric and mood disorder in any physical illness. Just because someone is anxious, "depressed" or even agitated does not mean they have a psychiatric disorder.

I mean look at Katon and Russo: "four self-rating questionnaires measuring psychologic (sic) distress, functional disability, and the tendency to amplify symptoms"

There is no better way of trapping someone than saying they "amplify symptoms" especially in an illness where the symptoms vary with time and are body-wide. There is also no way of avoiding a "psychiatric" classification when you have cognitive disturbances but then people with MS have cognitive dysfunctions.

Also the problem is neurologists. The WHO have defined ME as a neurological disorder but I know three neurologists but they are not good with ME. They tend to want to refer people to psychiatrists because the patients "have false beliefs about their symptoms". (this is the same as "tend to amplify their symptoms".

This is sheer bullshit. I am a Psychologist of 45 years and I have always been embarrassed by and critical of this type of definition of disorder. These self rating questionnaires have poor validity and little reliability. They are not science and need heavily debunked everytime they are used to define or diagnose.
I am not sure how you can create classification criteria for ME without this battle.
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That's something that needs to be accounted for... If mood diagnoses are loosely made - all the more reason to be careful that we don't inadvertently step into having them define this disorder.
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