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Canary in a Coal Mine

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**Let's change the face of ME ("Chronic fatigue syndrome")--forever. Get everyone you know to donate just $1 and help us make history.**

Words cannot equal our gratitude for your generosity. This campaign has invigorated a community that has for so long found its voices marginalized and ignored.

The power and the energy behind this campaign is extraordinary. This is our moment. We are going to do everything we can to tell this message from bigger and bigger platforms, and to make a film that is worthy of the trust you have put in us and the love you have showed. You have inspired us to push harder, to dream bigger.

OUR GOAL: 6509 backers by November 22nd



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Just watched these videos on Phoenix Rising, and want to thank Jennifer Brea and others who are making this film! I was so deeply touched and heartened by this film-in-progress, and all who responded.

I think it will be an excellent film from what I've seen so far, and such dedication by Jen Brea. I've already learned more about ME/CFS from the early newspaper reports before the 80's on this 'new polio'.

It's wonderful seeing so many people gathering together in hope and determination to get out of our invisibility. Please pass the word around to as many as you can.