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Carol Ann Ryser, M.D. OR Zhang ???

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Have any of you out there ever been to Dr. Rysor, M.D. ...hope I spelled that correctly.
She as you may know has done news articles for ProHealth...and many google sites. On...
transfer factors, anti-biotics,etc...for CFS,mycoplasmas, etc. She has a web site and pracitices in Kansas City, Mo. Just very curious...if she has done all these articles for ProHealth and known in the cfs/treatment world...Have any of you been to her practice and what did you think...did you get answers? Know of anyone??? OR...
Now after googling all the above quests...people raved about the Zhang protocol.
What in world? Does anyone know or DO the Zhang deal??? Lets all pull some thoughts together on this mess. Thanks, Gang. Blazer