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Cell Food

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Hi. I'm a returning member. I started taking Cell Food about three weeks ago. I already had high copper. I guess you could say. Copper toxicity. My naturopath told me my cells were dehydrated. Take the Cell Food. It's awesome. Read it's great for FM.
Well. I've had the worst mood swings and tremor. I was already having high stress. Planning a wedding. I thought that's all it was. Been sitting here for three days trying to figure out what I did differently. I started neurofeedback. I started cell food. Neurofeedback helped. But cell food had everything I have high amounts of in my system already. I'm wondering if I took enough of this stuff to trigger something. I'm
Already DXed bi polar. Taking Topamax and Pristiq for depression.
I was really stable til three weeks ago.
I haven't had the Cell Food in 5 days. I feel better. No tremor. No mind racing. I am a little jittery. But I also ended up in the hospital over this. Still a bit shaken up. My husband got scared and took me in. The wedding was over the weekend too. Major stressor over. It was beautiful. :)
Has anyone had any experiences with Cell Food similar?
Thanks in advance and soft hugs to all.