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CFS & Foods to avoid?

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Hiya Everyone,

I am just wondering if anyone has come across certain food avoidance that helps with energy levels etc? I am new on this journey and doing all the research I can to keep myself informed, and also to ensure I ask my Doctor all the "right" questions LOL.

Thanks in advance!


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Kirsty, I think that it is different for everyone as to what foods help or harm them. There is no one size fits all, unfortunately.


Thank-you ladies. I am hoping to cut bread out of my diet and have already cut soy/peanuts and most dairy and sugars (in moderation). I find I am constantly craving sugary things though - icecream and chocolate, which doesn't help LOL.


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Kirsty for me food was causing many problems. (pain related too).

Coffee, chocolate, sugar, dairy, yeast, carrot (have been succesfully treated for the carrot with NAET) sweet fruits anything high in sugar.
I don't eat meat fish eggs onions leeks or garlic either and am doing much better then I was before that.

Not so much energy related but definitely in very managable pain levels and muscle strenght. I could hardly walk back then or hold a pen or anything and now I'm much more functional though still very limited because of energy levels.

It's well worth looking into what are your personal food triggers.
An elimination diet could do that for you or bio resonance or NAET.
Normal allergy tests didn't show any of them for me.

For sugary cravings I use banana's. They are nice and sweet and without any sweetener make a perfect icecream or sandwich topping (nice with aniceseeds on top).

I have gone gluten and soy free for a while but that didn't improve anything for me.

For sweetener I now use stevia and for chocolate replacement I use carob. If you want any tips for replacing specific foods or recipies feel free to ask, there are plenty of ways to still eat tasteful without any of the things I mentioned.

For icecream simply cut a ripe banana in cubes and freeze for two to three hours then blend and you have creamy soft icecream.
For chocolate mix carobepowder with coconut oil and sweeten with some stevia and vanilla powder and leave to set in an icecube tray in the freezer. Makes lovely chocolate replacement and coconutoil is very healthy.
For nutella just add enough liquid untill runny and then leave to set in the freezer.


Thank you so much Soul, there's heaps of things there I'd love to try :)

My laptop has to go in for repairs today so if I disappear from here you know why LOL