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CFS or FMS? Who's affected by heat/humidity/fatigue?

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I'm new to this yet and just can't figure this out. I've been very sensitive to heat and humidity for years, but I also have more pain in my joints on cold or stormy days. Is this common with FMS or CFS? Is there really any difference between the two? My doctor gave me an "unsure" diagnosis or FMS, but from what I've been reading, heat doesn't affect FMS. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, are MAJOR fatigue,sleep problems,ringing in the ears and overall pain common in both?


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I'm new to this yet and just can't figure this out. I've been very sensitive to heat and humidity for years, but I also have more pain in my joints on cold or stormy days. Is this common with FMS or CFS? Is there really any difference between the two? My doctor gave me an "unsure" diagnosis or FMS, but from what I've been reading, heat doesn't affect FMS. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, are MAJOR fatigue,sleep problems,ringing in the ears and overall pain common in both?


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I have been dx'd with both CFS and FM, and I suffer from just about everything you have mentioned. To tell you the truth it's been a while since I read the details, so I'm not sure what is more apt to go with each dx, but the problem with heat is due, I believe, to problems with the autonomic system.

Autonomic problems can go with either dx, as I understand it. I have big time dysautonomia so I'm affected by heat cold, standing up, even sitting, and the list goes on.

I have had the ear ringing for years, before I had a clue there was something really wrong with me. The doctors I saw kept telling me there wasn't!

I have major fatigue, but I believe that is more commonly found in CFS than FM, although there is some fatigue in FM. Sleep problems are common in both syndromes, but overall pain is more often due to FM than CFS. CFS is more known for its flu-like achiness. I get that when I do too much.

I know that my muscle pain from FM is definitely worse at this time of year. The changing conditions seem to wreak havoc on our bodies.

I hope this is helpful to you.



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can't stand the heat and humidlity at all.... I am in a flare and I feel awful, so I can't type much more...I'm just gonna read til I hafta lie down again!!!!


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I am only diagnosed with FM, but I can't take the heat & humidity one bit..It makes me feel worse, and I get very "cranky"..I do have a lot of fatigue..But then again, I also have other problems that can cause fatigue..
Take Care........Donna


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Bigfoot, I am new to all this too, and never know what to attribute to cfs or fm. I'm not sure that it really matters. At one time I thought having a name for the way I was feeling would lighten the load. I have found it isn't so. I just treat the everchanging symptoms as they come along, and try to improve my overall health.
I have major fatique, pain, heat/cold intolerance, sleep problems, but thank goodness no ringing in the ears. I know not to say never with this now, because new symptoms are added and old discarded, on a constant basis.


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I can't tolorate the heat. I'm real happy with 60 degrees...that's perfect. At 70 degrees I'm starting to get uncomfortable and above 80 I'm downright miserable. Let's not even talk about 90 degree...not a pretty site for me! I never thought about it being part of fibromyalgia, but it certainly would explain a lot. I never met anyone else who was so uncomfortable with the heat until now. It's below freezing here in the Pacific Northwest, but I sleep without covers and sometimes I need to crack the window open because my feet are so hot!

Anyway, when it's real hot (75 degree plus) and I'm out and about, I start getting more than tired, I feel brain dead, like I can't think. I feel like a zombie. It's just terrible. I'm ready to get an air conditioner for next summer, but people look at me funny when I suggest that becuase it really don't get that hot here! lol!

It appears that a lot of people have the problem with heat, so you are clearly not alone in this!


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We who suffer from these dd's are literally between a "rock and a hardplace" when it comes to weather. Excessive humidity can cause flares, extreme cold can do the same or at least make the aches and pains worse. Stong low pressure areas have also been known to increase pain and sensitivities.

Major fatigue and sleep problems are definitely part of the FMS/CFIDS deal. I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears) which is entirely separate. The pain is also part of our deal. The overall flu-like body aches, hips, knees and anyother joint can also be painful.

It basically sucks! But the good news is that it won't kill you and should make you stronger spiritually, if it hasn't already. Faith in God the Creator has given me strength and helps me go on, when it would very easy to simply give up and drive off a cliff. Believe me, I have been to the low point of considering suicide, but that is not the answer. We all have a reason to be in this life and cannot waste the opportunity even when it doesn't appear to make sense.

I know that it is hard to be philosphical when you're in constant pain and discomfort. I'm in the middle of the biggest flare that I've experienced in almost six months, and this one is real B@#$%&! Meditation and prayer are my best friends.

I hope this helps just a little.

Ford J. (fifty1ford)


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Heat & humidity kill me!!! I'm lucky that I can be inside & use air conditioning, because I know many people with this DD can't tolerate a fan or A/C blowing on them. I never used to be this way until FM. I think cold is bad for me, too, but humidity's the worst...I get a mini-version of heatstroke if I'm out in 80-90F degree weather for even a short time (beat red face, run a temp, etc). No fun at all....



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Thanks everyone for your imput. It doesn't appear there are any symptoms that are clearly just for one and not the other. I thought I was some oddball case.
Fifty1ford, thanks for opening up. It appears we handle life in similar ways. Take care.


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hi bigfoot! I definitely notice an increase in symptoms at times of storms, i am sure it is stimulated by a drop in barometric pressure! I work in labor and delivery, and many births are stim. from baro. pressure drop, noticed that every time i have to report off due to pain, (they all think i am just lazy) is a time that the unit is extremely busy, also when i am scheduled off and get called in on a real busy night, i always have to say that i would have called off if scheduled. Don't know how long i can keep my job--they get so mad at my "unwillingness to help out" when busy, but the same thing that stimulates labor also triggers a flare up! prior to my full blown symptoms, when i only had severe groin pain every 6 months, i thought it was gynecological, but in looking back, the pain was always Jan. and July, 2 stormy times of the year! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!! laurie


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I also turn into mass of pain when the barometric pressure starts dropping and a storm moves in. I can predict it a day ahead of time. The humidity makes me swell like a balloon, but if it's just hot without much humidity, like 90 with 50% humidity, I'm fine. I love the heat and can't stand A/C. It actually will give me diarrhea when I have to go to the store and get stuff from the milk section.
Then in the winter, the cold just turns my muscles to stone. My furnace is always on 74 to 78. And I have a banky on me too. All I need is warmth and a steady barometer. Where is that? Arizona?


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can't take heat, even sitting under a lightbulb makes me hot LOL>>>>> humidity, pain big time... ringing and more in the ears.... you got it, I got it, most all of us here got it LOL>>>>> I have to laugh to keep from crying most days... so you'll see me LOL alot! Everyone thought I had lupus ( for like 18 yrs or so til this yr) and now I have fibro plain and simple and I have evry last symptom! Since your new, I'll tell you that there is a list of symptoms on a web site by dr Devin Starnyl ( I think that is spelled right)..... use an engine and find that site and see how many of the symptoms you really have.... it will amaze you most likely,... it certainly did me! at any rate , welcome and good luck!


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Hey Big Foot!
FMS affects your muscles not your joints.You need to see a rhumetologist.They will put you threw a numbered of tests and tell you the same day.


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I have lots more pain when the weather is humid/damp/rainy, whether it's warm or cold outside. I can't really say if heat affects the FM ... I came out of work in June & was already in the midst of a horrific flare-up.

Jan ^v^


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Cold intolerance is classically less-well tolerated than heat (which tends to be palliative) in FM, but thermostatic dysregulation is more typically a problem with CFS, (which is probably responsible for the overwhelming fatigue too). Basically, the autonomic nervous system is out of whack in CFS, so PWFM have probs with sweating, gut function, hormones etc. And FMS *does* definitely affect the joints -- esp on cold or stormy days -- though without any evidence of inflammation. It's entirely possible to have both syndromes, as many people with CFS have the FMS tender points. I'm not so sure I believe in the distinction anyway -- after a great deal of research and from my own experiences, I believe they're different branches on the same tree. And yes, tinnitus and fatigue and sleep disorders are generic to both illnesses; the symptoms are practically textbook. Hope you keep it/them under control as best as possible!
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For all the advice, humor, and empathy. It really helps get through the difficult days that this DD has given me. It's nice (but terrible) to know you have been and are going through this too.
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