Check Out Our Other Forums


Many of our members enjoy the Worship/Spirituality, Inspirational, Caregivers, Home Bound and Chit Chat Forums. On the Chit Chat Board, you can post about most anything but can also post about whatever ails you. We have a series of ongoing 'Porch' posts. It is a virtual porch where we gather just as we would on an old fashioned porch to chat with one another.

One member was afraid that new members might not want to stop in at the Porch for fear that it's a closed group of old friends. We welcome new Porchies anytime and some former members we haven't seen in a while have been showing up there. We are always so glad to see them again.

Using these forums is a chance to get away for a bit to meet new friends and think about something other than our problems. And even when we do have problems, we can count on the support of the kind people there. The folks on the Home Bound forum love their games which are always fun to play.

Hope to see y'all over there.

Love, Mikie