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CMV and HHV-6 but scared to take Valcyte; any suggestions?

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Hi all... my first post on prohealth; am very interested in hearing from anyone who has taken or is taking valcyte for HHV6 and CMV, about their side effects, effectiveness etc.

And how does Transfer Factor relate to these two issues?

Have been staring at the Valcyte bottle for over a month and cannot bring myself to take the first one. My doc keeps saying he has other patients who have had no serious side effects.

I had been diagnosed with brain lesions from an MRI I had over two years ago... the radiologist concluded that I had Multiple Sclerosis. I was 57 at the time, had mononeucleosis when in 5th grade (lived in Rio at the time), and did have some other markers for MS, doc said... my own immediate research on MS found a suspiciously strong link to CPn Chlamydia Pneumoniae, so I got tested for it and lo and behold a search of my med records showed I had it in a blood test from 3 years BEFORE .... unfortunately the antibiotics prescribed then (short one-zithromax pack) would never have been enough to wipe it out at the huge level I had of CPn, so here I was 3 years later and REALLY had a high level (8x average infection)...
just so you know, CPn is a respiratory (not sexual) form of Chlamydia... so thinking that I had MS, and that I had it BECAUSE of CPn, I bought Ann Boroch's book on Healing Multiple Sclerosis, and also started using also Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing for supplements (for CPn and MS symptoms) to help me (it is my healing bible... I urge ANYONE healthy or not to buy this book and use it)....and went on Wheldon's protocol (for CPn, which is a rounding of antibiotics so you don't get resistant)..., I'm out of breath, are you??? [By the way, I had printed out the Wheldon protocol (also see Dr Charles Stratton of Vanderbilt Univ's protocol, which I started with) for my doc and gave it to him in a file folder to add to his file cabinet. I also told him, "Whatever this is, I'm getting rid of it!" He was impressed by my proactive approach.]
Anyway, I was told by my doc that I had such a level of CPn it would probably take 2-5 years of taking antibiotics (Flagyl, Zith, Rifampin, and others) to get rid of it. After lots of die-off effects which increased my fatigue and other symptoms for a while, I can say that I GOT RID OF CPn after "only" 18 months of antibiotics. My doc was amazed. So was I ... but I had insisted on a blood test to retest my CPn level and IT WAS GONE. WOW.

Since I was still operating under the possibility I actually had MS, and had seen an MS specialist who said he was not convinced I actually had it, (he put me through the Evocative Visual Response--normal-- and other typical tests for MS except for a spinal tap), I decided to go ahead, after 1.5 years of suffering under the thought of having MS, and to have the spinal tap to find out "once and for all" if I had MS. Mainly because my deductible had been met (I had already spent over 7K for docs and meds and mri's) for the year and didn't want to hear next year that the doc finally agreed that i should have it (with a NEW deductible!). The spinal tap showed NO MS! OK, so did I ever have MS? Don't know for sure. But I don't have it now. My second brain mri still showed the same lesions in the deep matter of my brain. I will have a third brain mri in october to see if there have been any changes.
HOWEVER, CMV and HHV-6 is ANOTHER LAYER OF THE ONION I have to deal with... come to find out from my doc (who helped me get rid of CPn) that HHV-6 can also cause brain lesions....SO.....the mystery continues. Symptoms of fatigue and some right leg burning continues (though that disappeared for a while) and I hope someone out there can help me out. If you have taken Valcyte successfully, or NOT, please reply. I will be ever so grateful. And I hope that this very long entry helps someone else out there... Be Blessed!


You are sure been through it. I applaud your success..thus far!

First, I want to tell you of my experience at the CFS conference in Ft. Lauderdale a couple of years ago. A woman psychologist (why did they send a psychologist...oh, yes, they think we are mental), who said she had been studying the lesions on the brain and....There is nothing to them and we should stop getting MRI's cause they are useless. She seemed to be considered "useless" at the the convention. I think the only reason they let someone from the NIH come and say such drivel is they want them there when the TRUTH comes out.

Antiviral meds and transfer factors work differently. I have never taken valcyte. I have tried most of the others...didn't do squat for me but some like, Mikie, have gotten good results.

You may know that the plain transfer factors work like a mother's milk to a newborn baby...tranfers her immunity to the newborn for about a month. in 1949, it was discovered that bovine (cow) colostrum and later chicken(egg) could transfer to humans...neat?

4Life owns the patent and sells it to labs who want to make the "targeted" tf's that target viruses, mycoplasms and other things.

Transfer Factors are considered very safe. And can be used with any other med. They can cause a very unpleasant "herx" when the pathogen dies and the body is ridding itself of the dead pathogens. Rich Carson says "go slow, they can pack a wallop". How does one go slow? The easiest way, I think , to take TF's is to open the capsule, put the contents under your tongue. Within seconds, the part that works on the pathogen is absorbed and you don't have to wait to eat. So, to go slow, open a capsule, scoop out half, put the capsule back together and see how 1/2 affects you. Try that for a few days - or week and if no wallloping down, go to the full amount.

It takes from three months to a whole year to see the full effect, if my memory serves me.

The companies say that your immune systems "memory" will be functioning normal eventually. Or, at least, you will be able to take 6 week -3 month 'breaks'.

Dr. Carol Ryser who uses TF's a lot to treat chronically ill patients says in her practice she has not had a patient who could get off the TF's and sustain good health. So, 4Life's name is pretty accurate.

If you decided to use them, after you have reached improvement and plateaued. Start changing up the days you take them. The immune system needs to be "kept guessing".

I doubt any of the valcyte users will show up here. This board is pretty inactive, as you can tell.

It is not an easy choice to make. Blessing to you, also.