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Coconut Oil is Great for CFS!

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I did a search on the boards and cut and pasted all the info and if you use the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil I think it's not as bad for the cholesterol - do a search on these boards for this - Coconut Oil - Antiviral/Bacterial/Fungal + Weight Loss!!!.

I'm definately going to try this, and it's cheap, that's a bonus.

Fingers crossed,


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Hello all!
I was surprised to see my coconut oil post bumped up the the top this New Year's Day. Happy New Year! I've been taking coconut oil for about two months now and am at 4 Tablespoons a day and no side effects. I am very regular by the way and it does not work as a laxative for me. Dr. Mercola does recommend the Tropical Traditions and I was on their website a while back and enjoyed reading all about it. I will continue taking the coconut oil every morning for the New Year and I'm thinking of trying a mushroom supplement this month to improve my energy level even more. Because of the increased energy from coconut oil, I just returned from a 9 day trip to Honolulu, Hawaii last week. Best of luck with the coconut oil.

Love, Jasmine


Doesn't all oil have about 100calories for each tablespoon.
I guess that would explain it.


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Hi, just went to the tropical site and placed an order, hope it helps. I've been wanting to add something new since i quit taking my vitamins.
Boy it's kinda expensive tho, but what ain't!!
Still need to add whey, garlic, and olive extract,and pribotics.
Basically just taking my calcium and mag., was taking expensive vitamins, but they disagreed with me.
I also take microhydrin, i wouldn't leave that one out, if i do i get worse.
I'd like to know what results anyone has gotten w/ that.

I'm thinking of trying it, instead of coconut oil. I just know I can't gag down tbsp's of oil every day. The coconut cream has 70% oil, so most of the benefits, w/ added benefits of over 40 grams of fibre per tsp, as well as enzymes. I bet it would be delicious in a shake too.



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I buy the Parchute brand of coconut oil from my Indian Store and it is 16.09 oz or 500 ml and it costs $4.99 a bottle. It has 117 calories per Tablespoon and I take 4 Tablespoons but I have not lost or gained weight on it. There are 35 Tablespoons in the blue plastic bottle so it will last about 9 days for me if I take 4 Tablespoons every morning. It tastes okay and I just drink it by the tablespoon after breakfast after I heat the bottle for about a minute in the microwave. You can heat the coconut oil and use it in cooking or on toast.

Love, Jasmine


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you can find more info on coconut oil on the Garden of Life site. In the search box type coconut oil, click enter, and you will arrive at the info area. There's a good Q and A section.

hope this helps!