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Colloidal Silver on an empty stomach?

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Can anyone tell me if Colloidal Silver can be taken after a meal?
would it work better on an empty stomach?

I started my Guai protocol almost 2 weeks ago, and started Colloidal silver 4 days ago, taking it first thing in the morning. I am getting some IBS and I am wondering if it is the CS.

I will be writing my Guai report tomorrow. It is getting interesting. Hope I am not confusing symptoms with the CS.

Thanks for input from anyone who has used Colloidal silver.



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I took colloidal silver for 10 days to get rid of a virus. LIttle did I know it would help with my candida too. I had already been killing hte candida off with herbs and diet, but then all of a sudden I was in a lot of stomach pain, and I'm sure that my intestines(I hope no boys read this, hehe!) were inflammed from teh dying off of the candida and even parasites from the colloidal silver.. At the time I did not know what was going on but it made me very sick and very weak, and very emotional. Perhaps this is what is going on with you.. Brace yourself and maybe even cut the dose in half... If you have only been on it for 4 days and are already having this stuff it sounds like it will only get worse for a little while.

Do be careful wtih this product, it has caused peoples skin to turn silver with prolonged use. Do not take more then the dosage.

This is just my uneducated guess, more of personal experience. If I had to do it over again I would have cut my dose down so it would not have been so traumatic, but I did not realize that the cs was causing all my problems. I am glad that my candida are gone:)

How long have you been on it and did you feel any "Herxing" effects at all that might be related to the Colloidal Silver?
sorry for asking more questions, but I would like to know....


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I've only been on it about two & half weeks. I have had some herxing but I honestly can't say if it's the CS or not. I'm also doing a liver cleanse and some other things that could be causing it. My guess is that some of it is at least due to killing off candida. It hasn't been too terrible though.

Good luck to you. Hope you're on way to better health soon!


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took it first thing each morning most of the time, but I do not recall caring whether I took it with food or not. I'm pretty sure I took it in the afternoon a couple of times which means I had probably eaten something...

Sorry can't be more helpful, the others said they took it on empty stomach I think.
Why am I taking Colloidal silver? That is a good question. I guess I am "flying by the seat of my pants" Do people still use that saying?

I have not found a doctor who is willing to work with me on my illness, so at this point I am on my own, and going by what I am learning by reading this Support Board and others.

My PCP has referred me back to the Internist who made my initial diagnosis of FMS, however, my PCP now feels I also have CFS. Waiting to see this Internist is a long W-A-I-T.

I have symptoms that have me comvinced I have Immune disorders, such as frequent recurrences of mouth ulcers and canker sores as well as the emrgency removal of an enlarged Thymus ( Thymic Hyperplasia) . This was removed "emergency" because my Doc thought there could be cancer. There wasn't. I think the Thymus was enlarged due to Immune disorders. I have also had frequent yeast infections. Also constant sore throat.

So, I thought I would try the Colloidal Silver for 2 weeks, what have I got to loose?

After I have things sorted out with the Guai protocol that I have recently started, I will be looking at Transfer Factors, and possibly try Bromelain again for the Stealth critters.

Hopefully I will be seeing this Internist before too long and be able to talk to him about some of this.

Any thoughts you have I am happy and eager to hear.


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I'm thinking of trying the silver over the Christmas break, especially now that I read that ya'll didn't have a lot of serious herxing with it. I want my Candida STAMPED OUT! Also feel like I might have flu, don't know if it's that or a flare, I have trouble telling the difference.

I'm about on my own too, one dr. does not know enough to advise me, she is cool, just uninformed, she told me that they are trained to fix problems, more than to heal the body, and that while that is a shame, that is why so many of them don't get natural remedies. It made sense. The other dr. thinks I'm a charming wacko, I think, lol, he humors me, but tells me that stuff won't work, I don't agree obviously, so I accept his prescriptions, don't fill them, and do my own thing.

ANYway, glad I'm not the only one, and glad I found this post, I was looking for info on the silver, am now going to look on line.