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Comfortable Bra

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I am a man, but I have to wear a bra because of gynecomastia. My B-cup boobs have caused me to wear a bra (which I only wear at home for obvious reasons) because of the pain and the bouncing. While I usually wear a traditional bra or a sports bra, I do wear a strapless bra when I have shoulder pain.

I have been able to exercise every day now, with the hope of getting stronger so hopefully I can one day go braless 24/7. That's been my plan since having a breast reduction would be just too much for me right now and I'm allergic to most medications.

While looking at the inserted ads in Sunday's paper, my sister Sandra (whose catching up with her reading) showed me an ad that I missed for what APPEARS to be a comfortable bra called Cotton Leisure Bra. I say APPEARS to be comfortable because Sandra hasn't ordered it yet. It looks like it is also a good bra for CFS and FMS sufferers that wear bras.

It fits sizes 34-48 and stretches to fit B, C or D cups. A set of two sells for $9.97 and it's hard to beat that price.

Sandra is going to order two sets (a set for her and a set for me (and I will pay her back)). Since we live together, it will be strange at first to see each other wear the same kind of bra. Never thought growing up that I would wear the same kind of bra as my sister, but then again I never thought I would have breasts and need a bra either.

(url information removed)

I wanted to let you all know about this bra, as you some of you might be interested. I've found Wacoal to be the most comfortable, but if this bra is better (and it's obviously much cheaper) then I'll be wearing it instead.

Since I shop online for obvious reasons, below are sites (do a Google search) that I have looked at in the past:


Bare Necessities usually has the Barelythere crop tops on sale and the $11.20 crop top that I bought from them last year is a good product.

I'm sorry for the long post. I hope some of this info is helpful.

Take care and God bless.



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I tend to wear a sports Bra...(I am female)and am having the hardest time getting in amd out of them. My mom suggested a bra that clips in the front...well, I tried that also and no luck. So I want to thank you for the post as I will be looking into this new bra...


Oh ....Let me say, that in my opinion, There Is NO Comfortable Bra!!!!!! lol :( When I am home, I never have on a sling-shot!!! And when I have to go somewhere, the first thing I do when I walk in my house is take mine off!!! :) :) :) :)

Hubby always complains that he finds bras laying all around the house- that's b/c where ever I am, I just take it off!!!

But I do hope that all of you find one that is comfortable for you!!



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I applaud you for your honesty and for sharing your story.
Bras truly are a huge issue when you are in pain. I can't go out without one, I just feel dirty.
However, I am a 44DD and only 4' 10" so bras are not designed for me. I wear Just my Size and it feels decent, but I find that the larger the bra is the wider the rib band and when I sit or move the band rolls up on me, cause I am short....
Makes me mad that you cannot find plus size bras for shorter people.
Can't stand sports bras, the uniboob look is awful and the shoulder straps feel like a noose.

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This is a great dilemma for me as well. I hate looking like a droopy grandma or an aging Hippie, but bras torture me!
I have drawers full of bras that I've wasted lots of money on.
I have taken to buying Jockey tee shirts and sewing in a soft cup swimming suit bra (Can purchase at Rag Shop).
This doesn't give much of a "lift" but at least keeps the nips from poppong thru!
I have found any elastic on my back or shoulders causes instant pain.



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I too applaud your honesty! I had a breast reduction 2 years ago to remove my 42 E breasts. Right after the surgery the doctor said to use a sports bra or at JC Penney they have a bra that is similiar to the sports bra I could wear. I'm sorry the name escapes me right now. (damn fog)

I too find bra's to be terribly uncomfortable and I'm a size 40 C now. Something about being closed in it bothers me.




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Be grateful that your husband doesn't have gynecomastia.

This thread is only to HELP people. I know how hard it is to find a comfortable bra.

Gynecomastia is a medical condition. It is hard for me to post about my problem and it bothers me that you are thinking about other things. GROW UP.

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look online for a place called Decent Exposures. They are based in Seattle, WA, and custom make cotton bras that are wonderful and excellent quality. I have two, and never wear anything else. My other bras feel confining and scratchy in comparison. This shop also makes nightgowns and undies and shirts and even swimsuits. I was able to visit them when I was in Seattle on vacation last summer, and got fitted for the 2 bras I have now. Good luck, hope this helps someone out there!



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Speaking of bras, I am so tired of the shoulder pain that accompanies hauling around these big boobs in bras that don't fit because I want to look smaller, I am having a breast reduction next month. It is such a simple procedure anymore and very little pain involved. Just thought I would pass on that because of the fibromyalgia, my insurance company is paying for my surgery. Just can't wait to get it done and look so forward to wearing those lightweight little bras to support my new "B" size cup. Tootie


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You're the only person that is offended by my post.

I have NEVER been OFFENSIVE to anyone on this board.

In my first post, I mentioned that I have CFS, FMS, gynecomastia and restless legs syndrome. Many women offered me advice. Maybe YOU need to RE-READ my first post.

In fact, many women have thanked me for my posts. You should re-read all those posts. Re-read all the posts on THIS THREAD. You should also re-read all my other posts on the CFS/FMS board and the LARGE MAJORITY of them are not about intimates, but about other CFS/FMS-related things.

I know how hard it is to find a comfortable bra and that is the reason I brought this topic here. This bra also looks like it is also a good bra for CFS and FMS sufferers that wear bras.

All I want to do is help people. I don't know why you have to attack me.


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to all the understanding people who have posted nice posts.

I'll let you know what my sister and I both think of the bras when we receive them.

matt_cfs - thank you for your post. I've tried the compression vests and other male compression garments that some of the other gynecomastia sufferers wear. Unfortunately (maybe its because of my CFS and FMS, I don't know), but they were too tight and uncomfortable for me. Sometimes my sports bra is too tight for me.

Take care and God bless.


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Do not give a second thought to some people here easy to take offense. I am secure enough to be openminded.
BTW my hubby knows what I post and who I reply to as he supports me in all aspects of my life and any help or advice that I get or give he is fully supportive of.

Besides, there are no email adresses, phone numbers, full names here etc.....
I think if people find offense at posts they should skip it. If there is anything truly offensive in them that's what the "alert us" is for.


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I have tried going up two whole sizes to alleviate the constricting feeling (especially around my ribs) But I've just suffered so much lately in them, that unless absolutely necessary, I just go braless. I'm not small chested either, so I usually try to wear a sweatshirt or jacket or something that is somewhat concealing. I am much more comfortable without a bra than with, but I'm going to try to check for your recommendations. Let us know if it's worth it. :)