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Completed Bottle 2 of Immune Transfer C

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Actually, I am a couple of capsules into the third bottle now. There have been at least two days that I felt so well that I completely forgot to take any meds or supplements and went out until about 3pm. When I returned home I decided not to take my meds until the following day (including IMC) with no ill effect.

I continue to feel much better. From the beginning of CFS my knees have been a problem for me. They still are. They do not like any kind of jarring exercise. They will ache and be stiff. My doc said it is my ligaments but did not explain why. I need to look into this. However, before IFC when I would jar my knees I would be in bed for two days. Now, after walking a mile in regular sport shoes, my knees are stiff for the morning. I do not usually walk in sport shoes. Since I live in a hot climate I walk in "flipflops". I have come across a couple of pairs of these flipflops that are incredibly spongey. They make a incredible shock absorbing surface to walk on. It makes sports shoes feel like you are walking on concrete. That said, generally I can walk 45 mins to 1 hour with no problem. I feel that I have reached a point where I can start exercising twice a day at least a couple of times a week.

As great a IFC is, it has done nothing for my brain fog. I know that I am still not able to work. I am not optimistc that I will be able to stop taking it after 3 months as the President of Chisholm Lab said. I plan to have lab work done in Nov. to see what the EBV and HHV6 are doing. And, also, I am interested in what my white count is since it has been low all these years.

BTW, if anyone is interested in the type of flipflop I wear...I have found two brands. One is "reef" and the other is sold at American Eagle. Not every "reef" shoe is as spongey as mine nor is every American Eagle flipflop. Now that winter is approaching American Eagle will not have any in stock.
The "reef" flipflop I have worn for 3 years. Practically indestructible. Almost everything is available "online", if anyone is interested.




i have had an incredible weekend. Brain fog has improved!
I am picking out paint samples for the kitchen. I had so little energy and brain power last spring, I thought that I would never be able to do that again. Wow!

I am still not good at listening to long winded, one sided conversations. I feel sicky and my brain hurts after about 30 minutes. But I rebound 10 or 15 minutes after that conversation, so that is good.

Today, I am optimistic again about my immune system being "retrained" at some point. I wish that everyone could be helped as much as I have been. And, please, anyone trying it, give it lots of time to work.

I just noticed something! The first two months my lymph nodes ached but this third month they have stopped aching!
Maybe that is why even more energy?




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Hi Spacee,
How much transfer factor-c do u take? Since the cost is so high-it is hard for me to go ahead with trying it-also, it seems like u saw results right away? Is this true? Before taking meds how bad was your cfs? I am so bad that I go from the bed to the couch-sleep 13-14 hors-and only shower once per week-Thanks-Gena


So sorry to say that the Transfer Factors are expensive.

I was very bad when I started. I had gone downhill this past spring and I was in the bed alot. Pretty much like you but I did bathe everynite cause I can't sleep unless I do. I first started taking the Transfer Factor 4Life brand because my mother had it at her house. I think that it is like the Transfer Factor Essentials sold at this site for $54.95. I could tell some good results with that but it was more good and then bad, up and down. So after two weeks, I started taking the Immune Transfer C once a day. You can feel a little worse for a few days. I think I did but before the week was over I could tell I was feeling better.

Now I am in my third month. I seem to do better, then I don't continue to improve ( reach a plateau). Then I improve more. I am never in bed any more except for my 1-2 hour nap which I ususally miss one day a week. I started swimming and walking just a little and carefully increased it. Now I walk briskly 45 minutes almost everyday at the mall since I like airconditioned places.

Transfer factors seem to need time to see how much they will help. If I could only afford the cheapest, I would take it...that is what I would do for me. I do wish you wisdom as you make this decision.



Thanks so much for the update and I am glad it is working so well for you, especially for cognitive functions. TFC is my ace in the hole if the bromelain, colostrum, whey, Doxycycline, and Famvir do not completely do the job.

Thanks again.

Love, Mikie