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Could this be Lyme?

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Hi all,

Background: 27 year old male, accountant, prior to symptoms; generally fit and healthy.

June 2015: Suddenly had tinnitus in left ear. A week later started feeling very strange. Symptoms included dizziness, fatigue, tired legs and arms, tingling hands/feet, brain fog among other things.

I saw many doctors and had a head MRI and everything came back clear. I requested my GP test me for Epstein Barr virus and it came back positive, I think the GP said it was acute. I recall blood tests coming back normal too.

September/October 2015: most symptoms subsided. Tinnitus was still there and I'd get random bouts of dizziness but I was mostly ok.

December 2016: eosophogus started to feel very tight, stomach bloating after eating/drinking, lack of appetite and weight loss, sensation of burning skin on chest and arms, undigested food in stool.

January 2017: had endoscopy that showed nothing significant (biopsy did not test for H Pylori).

Still experiencing symptoms such as leg and arm fatigue (feels very laborious to even walk or pick up something light), general feeling of dizziness, eyes feel like they are not focusing correctly, oesophageas feels dry in mornings.

I also get tingling sensation in hands and feet, usually when laying down or sitting. My body feels like it's not working right, like there is not enough oxygen going to my cells or something. My head and my eyes don't feel right also, hard to explain.

As far back as I can remember I have post nasal drip, like in the mornings I hock up yellow phlegm. My ears also click when I speak.

I also get random infrequent muscle spasms and some random dull aches. This doesn't happen very often.

I don't know who to see anymore. I have seen countless specialists and GP's. I don't know if this is a gastro issue, or it stems from my sinus or it's some kind of bug/virus/bacteria.

Could this be Lyme? Because the thing is my symptoms went mostly dormant for about a year and a half and have now come back.

I'm trying to go gluten/dairy/sugar free at the moment also.

Any advice or guidance is hugely appreciated.


Hi Mrdude,

Welcome to ProHealth! Glad you found us.

The diet changes you mentioned are a good idea for anyone with chronic illness.

There is a chance that your symptoms could be caused by Lyme disease or perhaps something else.

I would recommend finding a good Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine Doctor who can evaluate you differently than a conventional medical doctor would.

Functional Medicine Drs and Integrative Medicine Drs look for the root causes of one's illness and work with the patient to reverse them. They use tests that conventional medicine often does not use.

You can search here:

You could also consider finding a Lyme literate doctor through's "Seeking a Doctor" Board.

Here is some information about Lyme disease that I recommend reading:

Good luck in finding someone who can help you find the root cause(s) of all your symptoms.

Let me know if you have any questions.