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CPP Disability asking for income taxes?

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I have applied for disability and they wrote me back asking for my 2011 income taxes and information on my income for this year so far. I had told them that I have had to keep working and endure the pain that has me in tears because I need the money. I am self employed.

Why are they asking for my financial information like this? Is it routine?


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CPP is Canada disability and I'm from the U.S. and know nothing about Canadian disability. Here is what I found online in a very quick search: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/isp/cpp/applicant.shtml

Get online and research CPP disability. Make sure you paid into it the entire time you were self employed. I feel that may be one reason why they are wanting your records to verify you paid into the CPP disability fund and even self employed people must pay into it.

Another reason they may want your records, is that many disabled eventually cut down their working hours due to ailments and eventually stop working due to their disabilities. They may be looking at your income to see if you were so disabled that your income was then greatly impaired to prove it.

Anyone here able to help?

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