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Crash-Course-In-Gut-Dysfunction: (Simplified)

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How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome (Research & Awareness<-- Start here

We need Hydrochloric acid and bile acids to maintain a proper balance of gut flora, as well as liberate key nutrients such as B-12.

The TRUTH about Stomach Acid!

Intestinal permeability can open the door to autoimmune conditions and immune system dysfunction

Dysbiosis, Inflammation, Autoimmunity: Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Sjogrens syndrome

Intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can be the underlying cause for many of the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia. These bacteria can be aerobic as well as anaerobic. SIBO can lead to a overproduction of toxins such as D-lactic acid, Hydrogen sulfide, Acetaldehyde and Endotoxins. These toxins can impair the brain causing fatigue and mitochondrial damage.

See more here: The truth about Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (Simplified)

How to heal leaky gut!

Bacterial cellular debris
can stimulate the production of endogenous interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor. Endotoxin such as (LPS) can cause inflammation and Mitochondrial dysfunction associated with many common illnesses we see today.

See more here:Gluten, leaky gut, LPS, anxiety and Dr. Tom O’Bryan at NANP -

How LPS Toxicity Can Wreak Havoc on Your Health.

Yeast overgrowth can also produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that can bind to the mitochondrial enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, part of the electron transport chain. This can also impair oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production. Hydrogen sulfide is a neurotoxin and metabolic poison and can cause fatigue, muscle pain and dyscognition.

Candida Could be the Cause of Your Condition

Dysbiosis & Leaky gut may only be part of a bigger problem as many infections can become multi-systemic through out the body.

There are many contributing factors and complexes to any solution and variations to all healing strategies. We must bring awareness to the adversities of today's challenging topics.


  • Hypochlorhydria lack of stomach acid - can cause lots of problems (Link)
  • The 4R Gut Healing Program (Link)
  • Active B12 therapy and methylation FAQ (Link)

Stool Testing Info:

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H pylori infection signs, symptoms and treatment.

Cure H. Pylori Without Antibiotics? With Test Proof!

"In conclusion, our study highlights the potential antibacterial activity of curcumin against H. pylori in vitro, as curcumin was highly effective in inhibiting H. pylori growth irrespective of the genetic makeup of the strains, although its MIC is relatively high; this may be due to the poor bioavailability of curcumin (22). Our studies also showed that curcumin-mediated inhibition of H. pylori growth involved mechanisms that may not always be dependent on the shikimate pathway, which opens the way for further studies directed toward determination of novel antimicrobial targets of curcumin. Curcumin showed immense therapeutic potential against H. pylori infections and H. pylori-associated gastroduodenal diseases, as it was equally effective in eradicating H. pylori from infected mouse stomach. Moreover, the gastric damage induced by H. pylori infection was almost completely restored by curcumin, thus highlighting its potential as an alternative therapy against H. pylori infection. Overall, this study provides novel insights in the therapeutic potential of curcumin against H. pylori infections, although further studies are required to extrapolate its effect on humans."

Beyond Basics - Clinical Case Studies and Protocols for Difficult GI Cases


We need to bring awareness to key issues and important topics that may help others find answers to the health challenges of today.

I like to see more threads and topics on basic lab testing, treatment option and comprehensives functional approach that have been already proven to be beneficial.

I have revised foundational supportive topics & discussions to better help our forum members comprehend and understand these important concepts. We must bring awareness to have a chance to fight through the adversities we see today.

The Gift of Recovery Protocols & Research:

Never Give Up The Fight!

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