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crashing or herx

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hi all,
Have finished 2 bottles of transfer essentials. Have felt well for the first 6 weeks but this last fortnight have been feeling very off, lots of headaches, brain fog, sinus thing going on with a cough.

Is this too far down the track to say Im herxing or am I just having a cfs crash/or another viral infection.

Comments appreciated, Thanks


To me it sounds maybe something else is going on. Try leaving it off for a week or two. Wich is actually good...keeps the immune system "guessing", is what I myself would try. See if the symptoms let up or keep going. Then if it is something else, you would know.



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Have started antiviral famvir yesterday after seeing doc, have been feeling worse so maybe some type of die off reaction. Will hold off the TF's for a few days and see. My lymphocytes have been elevated for a long time, doc thinks its ebv reactivating, in australia apparently dont have testing of ebv viral titre values so dont really know if ebv reactivating, so as a rough guide if my lymphocytes come down with antivirals we maybe onto something, Only on famvir for one week, then have lymphocyte test again. Doc said not to take av's all the time only when i crash.