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Cure for ME? reply - sorry if this is a repeat !!

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Message: To IntuneJune, Zoster and Rafiki.

Sorry about the text. It was a cut and paste job.

The microscopic examination of a blood smear is not done for CFS/ME cases, as far as I know.

This simple test (done by an expert) would identify:-

1.Micrococci bacteria, that cause CFS/ME. Antibiotics have not eradicated this condition, but Arsenic treatment has, both in Dr Tarello and his wife, plus patients at the clinic in Denmark.

2.Some agents of Tick borne diseases - erlichiosis, babiosis - which also cause CFS/ME.

The identification of these agents would indicate that Borreliosis (Lymes Disease) could also be present. The latter is harder to idenfify, but the symptoms are the same.

Antibiotics are the recommended treatment for the latter.
Supplemental Arsenic treatment is also likely to be beneficial (clinic quote)

My friend is well for most of the time. It is difficult to remove completely, in 3 weeks, a condition that has been present for 4 years.
The family are also very grateful for the tremendous improvement.

The Father and son are awaiting to be included in an Arsenic treatment trial in Copenhagen.

I am suffering from tick bite disease (at least 3 identified by blood smear c/o Walter Tarello), but the (NHS infectious diseases speciliast, refuses to prescribe antibiotics, even though he knows the infection could be life threatening.
This I can only put down to professional jealousy.
Arsenic would help, but it is not the first line action.
Meanwhile the 3 month old headache, plus the rest, gets worse !!!

It is not likely that the animal was infected by you.

It is possible that you could be infected by a sick animal or insects on the animal.

The are papers on the net, by Dr Walter Tarello

'CFS in a family of dogs' and 'CFS is a Veterinary Surgeon and his co working wife'

I can be contacted on for more help, but I am remotely located and cannot always reply immediately.

The Medical Fraternity should be badgered into following up this work and instigate trials in the UK, as per Dr Tarellos regime.

In 2006 I wrote to the Royal Society of Medicine and the Head of the Microbilogical Research establishment in Aberdeen and also at the Royal Liverpool university Hospital.

I did not receive any replies.

I wonder why?

Cheers, Wocky

Anyone that is suffering from CFS/ME should benefit from the following information.

Why do I have an interest in CFS?

Initially (2006) because of a friend who has suffered distressingly for 4 years, but now, thankfully is at least 80% recovered.
Latterly (Feb 2007) because I have been infected with a condition that is causing ME.
I know have all the symptoms that EMMA and others have described in detail.
I am a qualified scientist of 47 years experience and I am only too familiar with 'accepted ideas of the establishment' being totally wrong.

I was amazed at the lack of Medical knowledge and the offhand treatment of ME sufferers, particularly if they were female, by UK Medical Professionals.

I was very angry at the treatment (or lack of) that my friend received, and to help others afflicted with this dreadful condition,conducted a lot of literature research and started to write a book titled "Sick, then see a Vet".

This title will be obvious when you read the following.

My initial literature research threw up a paper by an Italian Vet, Dr Walter Tarello, 'CFS in a family of Dogs'.

Being of a scientific and inquisitive nature, I just had to read this.
Why would anyone look for CFS in dogs?
This article lead to the cure of my friend.

Briefly, Walter had discovered that a goup of dogs, displaying all the human type symptoms of CFS, differed from healthy dogs only by having micrococci attached to some of the red blood cells.

They were treated with the standard range of antibiotics, but with no improvement either clinically or symptomatically.

Dr Tarello devised novel ways to culture these slow growing bacteria and was able to speciate the type.
He then studied the treatments previously used, before the great flood of modern medicine, i.e., antibiotics.

The most common preparation was Fowlers solution, an Arsenic based liquid.
This was used successfully to treat humans and animals.(2002 for some cancers too)
The sick dogs were treated intravenously with a 0.5% solution and within 10 days all animals were fit and well.
Skin lesions that would not heal for years, disappeared.

Walter Tarello pubished a scientific paper on this in 2000.

He also found the same condition in cats, horses and birds of prey !!
Because Walter and his wife, a coworker in his clinic, were exposed to these sick animals, they both started to suffer from CFS/ME.
He investigated their own conditions and found the same type of micrococci bacteria attached to the red blood cells.

He administered daily a 0.5% Fowlers solution intramuscularly and within 1 month, both patients were cured of CFS/ME and remain so. (This was in 1994).

Dr Tarello published a paper on this in 2001.

After several months of trying, I managed to contact Dr Tarello and sought his advice to help my friend.

We managed to get the Hospital Trust to take blood slides (as would be prepared for Malaria), privately, and sent them to Walter for examination.

We fully expected to get a report back identifying micrococci.
But this was not so.
Walter found an agent of tick borne bite, HGE, which results in the same symptoms and debilitating condition.
He also recommended Doxycycline at 400 mg/day for 21 days.A break of 1 month and then a follow up dose of 10 days.

The reports were accepted by my friends GP and the antibiotic was administered with amazing results.

To be scientifically correct, we also had blood slides taken at midpoint and the end of the 21 day treatment.
We also had the blood tested for bacteria by the NHS standard bacteria tests, with negative results, prior to the test. The NHS tests will not show these bacterial infections.
The HGE infection was reduced by a factor of 10.

However, the husband and son of my friend, were also suffering from CFS.
A promising Golfing Career of the son was decimated by this condition.
The UK Health authorities failed to diagnose any problem.

The blood slides were taken for these two individuals, as before, and examined.
The results of both came back very positive for micrococci attached to the red blood cells.
Since Arsenical preparations are now banned in the UK, Europe and the US, the known effective treatment cannot be administered.There is a clinic in Denmark that does treat with Arsenic.

The Copenahgen clinic and Walter Tarello have proved that traces of the element Arsenic are required for a healthy body.
The modern water supply in the UK and Europe, does not provide enough of this element.
The clinic in Denmark has had 100% success with patients suffering from CFS/ME and confirmed micrococci infections.

The Medical Authorities in the UK have point blank refused to give me any medication for my condition (Tick bite agents) because they are ignorant of the disease.

Walter Tarello believes that 60% of ME is due to microcci and 30% due to tick bite infections.
Dr Wright (Bolton) believes that Tick Bites are a major cause of CFS.
All that is required is examination of a blood slide by an expert. WHAT ARE THE MEDICAL AUTHORITIES DOING apart from being totally negative to any suggestion from other scientific disciplines.
The NHS could save millions by adopting a more open approach to diagnosis of patients with CFS/ME symptoms.
If there is a sick animal in your home and family members suffer from ME. Have a blood smear checked out and good luck.

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Thank you for your time and interest in posting.

I was unable to read it all, (I have trouble with skipping to another line when text does not have paragraph breaks)
but believe the gist of the post was Lyme disease or other related tick-borne diseases.

Do you have a new approach for diagnosis? (If you use the "search" utility on this site, there are many posts recommending testing for such. )

Or was is a new treatment???



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I'd very much like to read your post!

Would you mind putting some para. breaks in it? You can use the edit function. I'm another one who can't read solid blocks of text and I really want to read this.

thanks so much!

PS One of the reasons that i'm so interested in this is that I had a dog who had the same symptoms I had right down to foot drop! (I used to worry that I gave it to her.) I got to the part about the Vet. but my brain gave out. Thanks again!

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