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Curious...has anyone tried the Guaifanesin Protocol?

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I actually bought the book written by the doctor...and the protocol is far from easy to follow (for me anyway). So, I never even started it, because to be blunt, I knew that there was no way that a) It was something I could follow and b) that it probably meant putting my husband on the food aspect...for meals. And although he is always supportive, I would feel that it would be unfair for him. I have heard some good reports about it. So...please let me know if you have tried it, how was it, how are you now etc? Just curious! :) a.x


I no longer follow the protocol, but did years ago. It helped a lot for fibro pain. Although the common wisdom is that you need to be on it forever to retain benefits, that wasn't the case for me. It didn't take care of all my fibro pain, by any means, but it helped significantly, and that has stayed the case all these years later.

I was one of the fortunate minority who did not have cycling pain. I just got benefits from it. I think Dr. Armand said that would be true for about 10%.

I don't remember it restricting diet and cooking that much aside from a few things. It restricted me far more with supplements, skin care, and hair products.


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Aha! That is what it was....supplements, hair products etc. I think it is actually incredible how we take all this stuff we use daily (deoderant, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent...not to mention FOOD) for granted as to the huge amount of chemicals and crud that is obviously harming so many of us.