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De Meirleir prescribed me Nexavir and Valcyte for HHV7

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just had my visit to Brussels and De Meirleir.
I have an active HHV-7 infection, measured through Nested PCR at Redlabs. Moreover my Rnase and Elastase values are increased.

The most important thing he said about HHV-7 was that it's nearly identical to HHV-6 and can cause exactly the same symptoms. Moreover there is a much higher prevalence of HHV-6 in the United Sates than in Europe where HHV-7 has a higher prevalence. There is a study which says that HHV-7 increases the likelyhood of HHV-6 reactivation.

He put me on Nexavir/2ml a day for 3 months and prescribed me Valcyte. The Nexavir is expensive enough (1500 $ for 3 months) but I cannot afford the Valcyte as long as my insurance doesn't cover it. It's easier to get it for HHV-6. 450mg/60tablets cost about 3500$ here in Germany.

I'm looking forward to the next months and I will try to get into contact with the virological station of a hospital. It's much more easy for them to move a insurance to pay for medication than for a normal doctor.

I will keep you informed.

Have a nice day!



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Hi Kelly

the Nexavir (formerly called Kutapressin) is a pig liver extract with immunemodulating and antiviral properties:

Alternative therapies: Kutapressin, Kutapressin is a drug which consists of processed extract from porcine livers that contain peptides. Nexco Pharmaceuticals has introduced a generic form of kutapressin, called Nexavir, which is based on the original formula. Kutapressin has demonstrated efficacy against HHV-6 in a 1994 in-vitro study (Ablashi, Berneman et al. 1994) as it inhibited replication by over 90% and has also been used in the treatment of patients with herpes zoster. Results of uncontrolled studies have indicated that treatment with kutapressin results in the abatement of symptoms among many patients with CFS. Kutapressin has also improved the NK cell function in CFS patients.

Ye, I have to speak with my doctor then my insurance and then De Meirleir again because of the Valcyte. Thanks for the tip about the Roche patient program.

Have a nice weekend.



Hi Manuel - thanks for posting about your visit to Dr. DeMeirleir - you answered my post a few weeks a go asking about him - I am considering going to see him.
What test did he do for you? how expensive were them? The medicatiopns are very expensive from what you say - are these things that regular helth clinic covers in your country?

Was it possible to do the more standard tests before you come to him at your regular clinic?
Does he have any treatment for the short Rnase?
Thanks Ruti